What is the role of computer in statistics?

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It can help to create the statistics. Sometimes it is difficult to know the statistics are there if you do not see them on the computer.
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What is the role of statistics in epidemiology?

The role of statistics in epidemiology . The primary role of statistics in epidemiology is to make conclusions about a population of interest when data is only available from a sample. Statistics accounts for the uncertainty. In epidemiological datasets there are usually measured observations ( Full Answer )

What are the roles of a Statistical Officer?

Statistical officers have many responsibilities including checkingsource data. They may also be responsible for check code data andcompile reports and charts to receive analysis.

What is the role of statistics in scientific inquiry?

Statistics (tests, and not just summarized data) really does one basic thing. When I design and carry out some experimental model, clearly it is to see if the treatments that I have done (treatments can be literally any intended, measurable manipulation of the subjects) will produce the effects tha ( Full Answer )

What are the roles of statistics in management?

Statistics is a useful tool for the leadership ( Managers, Vice Presidents, CEO , Owner of any business etc ) to make decisions. Example Organizations made a bar chart to see on what weekdays their employees take maximum leaves. They found that most the employees took these unscheduled leaves o ( Full Answer )

Importance of statistics in computer science?

Statistics is defined as the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting numerical facts, which we call data. It is very important for a student of computer sciences. As Computer sciences also deals with organization and interpretation of numerical facts. In fact most of the principles of co ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistics in society?

The role of statistics in society is to analyze various trends andpatterns among other things. Statistics will be used to measurevarious things and predict future events based on facts and figuresfrom the past.

What is the role of computer in the educational sector?

The computer technology has a deep impact on education. computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers. today, aspires can satiate their thirst for knowledge by means of the internet. it is ( Full Answer )

How is computer helpful in statistics?

It helps you find and buy stuff!! ~Anonymous. It helps you chat with online people and/or meet new friends online. =] ~Anonymous. It helps you find and buy stuff!! ~Anonymous. It helps you chat with online people and/or meet new friends online. =] ~Anonymous. It helps you find and buy stuff!! ~A ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistics in food epidemiology?

BACKGROUND\n. \nThe role of statistics in food epidemiology provides a method to follow and interpret trends in a given population for a given source. \n. \nData is collected from a specific group in a specific environment to numerically quantify and graphically illustrate the study of a given po ( Full Answer )

Computer buyers market statistics?

Computer buyers market statistics show the number of people thatbuy computer within a certain period. This information is crucialto computer companies in making crucial marketing decisions.

What is the role of ROM in a computer?

\nROM = Read Only Memory\n. \nThis chip has computer instructions burned into it by the manufacturer. They can not be changed by the individual user. On some systems they can be changed by a FirmWare upgrade. \n. \nOn a MacIntosh computer the specific code that makes a MacIntosh different from a W ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistics in medicine statistics?

For decades, biostatistics has played an integral role in modern medicine in everything from analyzing data to determining if a treatment will work to developing clinical trials. The School of Global Public Health defines biostatistics as "the science of obtaining, analyzing and interpreting data in ( Full Answer )

What is the Role of statistics in science?

Statistics have a very crucial role in science. They are commonlyused for research and data analysis in various projects in numbers.They can be used to interpret data and make future predictions.

Uses of computer in statistics?

Depends on the application you are using, on a very small scale Excel has statistical functions which are easy to use but are very useful. There should be bigger systems for statistics out there if you do more research you will find. And then, think of all the advantages of use computers, like easy ( Full Answer )

How the role of statistics is used in research?

Statistics is used to design the experiment (what type of data needs to be obtained and how much), then statistics is used to analyze the data (make inferences and draw conclusions).

What is the role of statistics in daily life?

In today's world we are faced with situation everyday where statistic applied.Statistics can be used to determine the potential outcome of thousands of things where the human mind alone wouldn't be able to.Statistics benefits all of us because we are able to predict the future based on data we have ( Full Answer )

What is the role of inferential statistics in business?

inferential statistics tries to infer from the sample data what the population might think. They can use inferential statistics to make judgments of the probability that an observed difference between groups is a dependable one or one that might have happened by chance in a study. Business Statis ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistics in marketing research?

Role of Statistics starts when we are interested in getting information from the data we are having. Making research we can generate data. But most of the time looking simply at the data it is very much tough to draw any conclusion. On analysing data we can get information. this information help in ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistical method in microbiology?

The role of statistics is enormous in microbiology. I believe every school would require at least one or more courses in "biostatistics", which is the general application of statistical methodology, including planning experiments, drawing inferences, assessing correlations or dependencies with data. ( Full Answer )

The role of statistics in mass communication?

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, processing , analyzing and interpreting data. Through statistics, we can get meaningful information out of massive amount of data for communication and research. Statisticians are the people with extensive training and advance degrees who have the ( Full Answer )

Computer as an advantage in statistic?

Your question is unclear. I will answer the following question, "How is the computer related technology an advantage in calculations of statistics?". This includes the computer, software, monitors and printers, and related data transmission systems (including the internet) and data storage.. Compu ( Full Answer )

The role of statistics in microbiology?

Probability and statistics play a very important role in microbiology. I've included links on bioinformatics and phylogenetics, which probability theory related to DNA chains has very quickly evolved.. Since microbiology involves experimentation and reaching conclusions based on inherently uncertai ( Full Answer )

Why is statistics taught in the field of computer engineering?

Courses in statistics can be taught within many departments. I learned statistics in 4 different departments: Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Engineering. Business and finance schools also offer courses in statistics.

The role of statistic in electrical engineering?

Over the past few years the EU has begun taking some steps against the spread of nuclear weapons within its Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). At the Thessaloniki Summit June 2003, the European Council adopted its first draft Strategy against the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction ( Full Answer )

What is the role of mathematics in computer programming?

You need to to know some basic math to live. right? Likewise you need to know some basic math to start computer programming....beginners start out by learning to do programs like solving a quadratic equation....if you are not thorough with algebra, u can't do it. The way you think is more important. ( Full Answer )

The role of semiconductors in computers?

Semiconductors can both conduct electricity and not conduct electricity depending on a number of factors. One possible factor is if they have electricity being applied to them from another source. This allows you to build simple switches. Like a light switch. But instead of a person flipping the swi ( Full Answer )

Roles of a inferential statistics in statistics?

Statistics is a general field of numeric quantities and what they represent. For example, a statistic may be inferential or descriptive. Inferential statistics are special kinds of statistics that use sampling distributions to make inferences from a sample to a population of interest (hopefully that ( Full Answer )

What is the role of sound card in a computer?

the role of sound card in computer is to pass good sound through external media you use. there's a pacific difference with or without using a sound card its also needed for modern games because the system doesnt support the sound

What is the role of a computer in fashion design?

In the world of fashion design, computers are used for a wide variety of things. In the actual design process however, the are most commonly used as drawing pallets and editors (photo shop), research tools (WGSN), and/or pattern drafting equipment.

What is the role and importance of computer in business?

We live in a technological world nowadays. Technology is so dynamic, and its constantly changing and evolving. Computers are quicker and more efficient, they are also very portable. Businesses need to expand globally, so it helps having an amazing tool like a computer to help.

What roles does statistics play in agriculture?

Statistics can have a major role when it comes to agriculture. Statistics can be used to determine many things like being able to study what kind of crops people eat most, determine the migrational pattern from animals that eat crops, determine the geographical area where people demand the most and ( Full Answer )

Role of Statistics and mathematics in Business decisions?

TEACHING AND LEARNING METHODS This course will be taught using a combination of formal lectures and tutorials. Formal lectures will be used to demonstrate principles and methods. Assignments will be set following on from material covered in class and students will be given individual assistance w ( Full Answer )

What is the role of statistical analysis in simulation?

Statistical analysis is essential to identifying the critical factors in simulation. Performing the analysis of variance is to ensure the proper selection of significant factors. With this, understanding and judgment become more effective in making appropriate decisions regarding the product and pro ( Full Answer )

Importance of computer science in statistics?

Today, most statisticians have to be decent programmers because most of the time, it's virtually impossible to calculate most data sets by hand. Generally the data sets we work with are quite large, or the tests we run use complicated and time-consuming mathematical functions. For example, imagine ( Full Answer )

Why can a t statistic not be computed with a single score?

In essence, it's because a single data point provides no information about the dispersion of the population from which it was drawn. If you look at the definition of the t statistic you will notice that there is an estimator of of the population standard deviation in its denominator (in other words, ( Full Answer )

What is the R Project for Statistical Computing?

The R Project for Statistical Computing is a project that involves a free and open-source environment for statistics and graphing. It runs on a variety of different platforms, including UNIX and Windows.

What are some uses for computational statistics?

It emphasizes the role of computation as a fundamental tool of discovery in data analysis, of statistical inference and for development of statistical theory and methods.

What is statistics and its role in society?

Statistics can be defined as the collection of , analysing of, and interpreting of data for the purpose of making useful decision. The major role of statistics in the society is that it presents data in a precise and simple form.