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What is the role of hormones in women and men?

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For women: Makes the boobs bigger and hips wider, and makes it possbile to give birth. Men: Makes the penis bigger, grows hair and muscles.

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Can you give me a sentence for the word hormones?

A sentence with the word hormones could be 1.) Men have a higher amount of hormones than women 2.) Men and women have the hormones

Do gay guys have women hormones?

No, gay men have the same hormones as straight men.

Do men and women have the same hormones?

They have the same hormones, just not the same amounts of them. Men have higher amounts of Testosterone, while women produce more Estrogen.

What are the role of women and men in China?

i think it dresses for the women and men for suits

What is the role of men and women in Christianity?

the role of men and women is that men work all day every day . women ; stay home and chill and smoke that bud C;

Hormones in human reproduction?

There are two main hormones that are responsible for the reproduction. For Men it is Testosterone and for Women it is Estrogen.

What causes baldness in women?

It is usually genetic, and hormones can play a role.

How does estrogen out of the uterus?

Estrogen is probably the most widely known and discussed of all hormones. The term "estrogen" actually refers to any of a group of chemically similar hormones; estrogenic hormones are sometimes mistakenly referred to as exclusively female hormones when in fact both men and women produce them. However, the role estrogen plays in men is not entirely clear.

Why do girls get hormones?

Both men and women have hormones. If you mean why do women get hormonal then it's because they are certain times of the month (or the pregnancy period) when there are peaks in the levels of certain hormones in the body

Baldness is seen more often in men then women because?

growth hormones and the fact that women age slower than men

What role do women have in Congress?

In the United States of America, Congress women play the same role as the men. However, there are fewer women in Congress than men.

What were the yurok men and women's roles in this tribe?

Men role Is: fishing, and hunting Women role: ?

What role do hormones play in human development?

they help women produce babys

Women do not develop bulky muscles as men do because they have?

because women and men alone have different hormones whuch have specific functions to operate.

Why are different hormones in men and women?

because they need different hormones for different body parts for e.g boobs and dicks

What was the role of women in Shakespeares day?

Women didnt have the same rights as men therfore the men would play the women.

Hypersecretion of the sex hormones may lead to masculinization in both men and women?


What role did Inuit men and women play in their society?

men: hunt and fish women: sew/make clothes

Role of women in Confucianism?

same as in taoism no distinction between men and women

What is the role of men in Saudi?

In Saudi Arabia, men are seen as superior to women.

What is the role of women in Sikh worship?

Role of Sikh Women is as important as men in Sikhism. In Sikhism both Women and Men are considered at par. There is no partiality. Sikhism is the only religion as per my knowledge that provides this honour to the Women.

What was the role of women in 1930?

be slaves to all of men

When did the role of women change?

heythe role of women changed when there wasnt enought men to fill the places so women had to do some of the thing that men did.hey i just have to add this but anyway, i love 1D

What is the role of men in establishing communities?

I don't know if you're referring to the word "Men" as generic (both Men and Women), or specific to "male". If it's the latter, then the my answer is; The same role of women in establishing communities...

What is the role of women in Buddhism?

The role of women in Buddhism is the same as that of men as, in reincarnation, a person has an opportunity of rebirth as either sex.