What is the role of investment?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is the role of investment?
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What is the main role of an investment agency?

The main role of an investment agency is to assist companies with business expansions. It can offer advice and information regarding international investments.

What role did NAFTA play in the investment in new business in Canada?


What is role of investment banking in Pakistan?

investment banking is one of the major sectors in pakistan its major role is to provide the funds for investments and items also become the partner of those who wants to makes the havey investments

What is the roles of caribcan?

the role of the caribcan is to promote trade,investment and provide industrial cooperation

What is the role of mutual fund?

The role of a mutual fund is to provide avenues of investment for the normal investor who does not have the expertise or the time to have a direct investment in the stock marketbut at the same time wants to gain exposure to the stock market for its high return potential.

What is the role of overseas private investment corporation in business environment?

basically the role of oversease is raising the gdp of a certain nation this point is worth noting which is unlukily ignored

Match each role with the action performed by people playing that role.?

consumer-provide labor and investment producer-provide individual goods government-provide public goods

Why the role of investment banking is in the primary market?

Investment Banks are involved in the primary market by facilitating IPO's. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. It is the process by which a company issues shares to the public to raise capital for their operational expenses or for expansion purposes. The investment banks help the company in completing the IPO process.

The role of the interest rate in the determination of the level of investment in the Nigerian economy?

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How do you Calculate a Return on an Investment?

The return on investment formula:ROI=(Gain from Investment - Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment.

What role does insurance play in the economic development of nigeria?

Insurance plays a very significant role in the economic development of Nigeria. With the insurance covers, more people are able to take the risk on investment which greatly boosts the economy.

What is the role of saccos in economic development?

1 contribute for the gnp increament throug investment participation 2 allivate poverty 3 strength the economy