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What is the role of Jesus Christ in Judaism?

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Jesus has no particular role in Judaism.

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What does Judaism say about Christ?

Judaism doesn't say anything about Jesus. Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism.

Do Jews worship Jesus Christ?

No, Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism. (Just like Buddha plays no role in Christianity).

Do Jews think Jesus was Anti-Christ since he came first?

No, Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism. Additionally, the concepts of 'Christ' and 'Anti-Christ' do not exist in Judaism, they're strictly Christian concepts. At most, he would have been a false prophet.

What did the Jewish people wear before Christ was born?

The same things they wore after he was born. Jesus plays no role in Judaism.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus is the son of Mary?

Judaism makes no comment on Jesus as he is a part of Christianity and plays no role in Judaism.

What role did Anthony geary play in Jesus Christ superstar?

The title role, Jesus Christ, was played by Anthony Geary

What was Christianity before Jesus Christ?

Before Jesus, Christianity was Judaism waiting for a Messiah.

Jewish messianism how do you view Jesus Christ?

Jesus has no status or role in Judaism. Messianic Jews are actually considered to be Christians, both by other Jews and by Christians. See also:Why didn't the Jews believe in Jesus?

How is Jesus related in the Jewish religion?

Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism.

When do the Jews think that Jesus will come?

Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism.

What is the difference between judasim and christrianty?

Judaism does believe in god but have rejected his son jesus christ. Christianity believes in god and jesus christ

What was the importance of the role of Judas in Jesus Christ superstar?

Judas plays the protagonist in Jesus Christ Superstar

What do Jews consider Jesus to be in Judaism?

Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism. He is just a figure from a different religion from the Jewish perspective.

Judaism major splits?

Judaism had a major split when people started following Jesus Christ and becoming Christians.

What 2 religions sprouted from judaism?

Judaism paved the way for Messianic Judaism and Christianity. Judaism was the promise of the Messiah and Messianic Judaism and Christianity are the recieving of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Do Jewish people worship Jesus?

No, Jesus plays no role in Judaism whatsoever. The worship of any person is an abomination according to the teachings of Judaism.

How is Christianity different from judaism?

Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the promised messiah. Judaism is still waiting for the promised messiah.

Does Judaism teach hate for Jesus Christ?

No. Anyone who says that it does is either terribly misinformed, or else is deliberately trying to mislead you. Judaism says very little about Jesus.

What is simmilarities between judasim and Christianity?

After the life of Jesus Christ, Christianity ultimately is the new Judaism. Christianity is merely the fulfillment of Judaism. If the world was perfect, Judaism would have ended at the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and Christianity would have picked up where Judaism left off. However, since we do not live in a perfect world, the leaders of Judaism rejected Jesus (as predicted by the prophets in the Old Testament) and the religion of Judaism still exists today. Basically, Jews are still waiting for their promised Messiah, while Christians point back to Jesus Christ and say He is the promised Messiah.

Do Christian and Jews believe the same about who Jesus is?

No, Jesus plays no role in Judaism whatsoever. The Christian concept of 'messiah' doesn't exist in Judaism at all.

When did Christianity and Judaism become two separate religions?

After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Do Jews think Jesus is holy?

Jews do not think that Jesus is a prophet, he plays no role whatsoever in Judaism.

Do judaism celebrate Christmas?

No. Christmas is a Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but Jews do not believe he was the Christ. They believe he was a prophet.

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