Cellular Respiration

What is the role of pyruvate in cellular respiration?


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Pyruvates enter the Krebs Cycle

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Lactic acid moves the pyruvate plus continuing glycolysis.

Pyruvate enters mitochondria for further stages of cellular respiration such as Kreb's cycle and ETC.

This part of cellular respiration is called Glycolysis.

Glycolysis is the first stage in cellular respiration. It converts glucose into 2 pyruvate, which then moves into the Krebs Cycle. Glycolysis is anaerobic and takes place in the cytoplasm.

product of cellular respiration. by Eng Asser

In cellular respiration, glucose is oxidized into pyruvate.

The first stage of cellular respiration is glycolysis and the second is pyruvate. Sincerely, your pal the Ice King

The role of fermentation in cellular respiration is to recycle NAD+.

the krebs cycle produces pyruvate as a product to be used by the ATP molecules.

The role of organic compounds in cellular respiration is to start cellular respiration. Cellular Respiration is a process that creates ATP. So, in order to create ATP you'll need organic compounds. Organic Compounds are converted into ATP during Cellular Respiration. This is the role of organic compound in cellular respiration.

Glucose is changed into pyruvate 😓

Glucose gets broken down in cellular respiration by a process called glycolysis, which converts it into pyruvate and two ATP molecules.

it occurs in the mitochondria during cellular respiration. the term is pyruvate oxidation

The role of organic compounds in cellular respiration is to produce energy. As a matter of fact, they are responsible for the commencement of the cellular respiration.

Carbon dioxide is the by-product of cellular respiration. This gas is produced in the oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate and as a by-product of the citric acid cycle.

Both begin with the 3 carbon molecule pyruvate

Nothing, carbon dioxide isn't used in cellular respiration. Its a product of the Krebs cycle and when pyruvate is oxidized into Acetyl CoA.

No,it has no role in cellular respiration.But it takes part in photo respiration.

It is the first part of cellular respiration. Here the glucose is transformed into 2 pyruvate molecules along with 2 net ATP's and NADH+ molecules.

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