Water Cycle

What is the role of respiration in the water cycle?


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When animals respire, they release small amounts of water into the atmosphere


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respiration is the water from animal and plant

Oceans have important role. It is a part of water cycle.

Man has no role in the water cycle. Neither can the duplicate it.

The vegetation's role in the water cycle is cooling the heat of the rain

Land plays an important role. Water cycle begins from land.

yall should know that it involves the water cycle

when the thotys are thirsy, we reffer to them as aquafina so we give them thirsty hoes somthing to drink

The water cycle plays an important role in the environment. This cycle recycles the water in the system for the plants and animals.

Rivers play an important role. Water cycle begins and ends at rivers.

The role is played by when you have Co2 you can convert it into a liquid which makes it turn into carbon and that gives u the carbon cycle. Thank you. how that helps. :) TK

Cellular respiration takes excess hydrogen out of the cell by combining it with oxygen so that it can be eliminated from the system as water. Its the end product of the Krebbs cycle in ATP production.

leaves actually dont have a part of the water cycle=)

No cycle. Transpiration is part of the water cycle, and photosynthesis is what plants do to feed themselves.Carbon cycle involves both of them. Photosynthesis remove Carbon from atmosphere. Respiration release them back

Human plays an integral role. He may positively or negatively affect water cycle.

They don't. They are products of the water cycle, but to not play an active role in it.

water is evaporated from the Oceans by the Sun, which 'starts' the cycle.

The precipitation plays a big role in a water shed

by taking part in the water cycle and watering the earths climate!

Solar energy results in the evaporation of water. It plays a major role in water cycle.

It gives it a based perspective and helps thank basedgod

This is the transformation of liquid water in gaseous water.

Photosynthesis, respiration, the water cycle

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