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DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Obviously the role of the storage devices is to store the recorded video.

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Q: What is the role of storage devices in a DVR?
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What is the storage capacity of the Mace DVR-400RT2 DVR?

There is an 80 gigabyte storage capacity but you can upgrade by adding 2 additional HDD's, or even connect to the internet for off site storage..

Function of input and output storage devices?

The devices that are used to store the input from user are input storage devices. The devices that are used to store the output of that processed input are output storage devices.

Two types of storage devices?

Primary and Secondary Storage device

What is the difference between backing storage devices and secondary storage devices?

there is no difference!

What is the different between old storage devices and new storage devices?


Does not contain a storage device?

Some devices do not contain storage devices, or do not have enough storage space needed by a particular user. Extra storage devices such as an external hard drive can be utilized.

What are the Characteristics of the secondary storage devices?

characteristics of types of latest secondary storage devices

Write about auxilary storage devices?

write detail note on secondary storage devices

Do any DVR's have lots of storage space?

The EverFocus ECOR4 4-CH DVR w/DVD BURNER has 1000 GB.

Examples of storage devices?

THER ARE TWO TYPES OF STORAGE DEVICES: RAM(RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY DEVICE) CD WRITERAND ROM(READ ONLY MEMORY)e.g DVD ROM.Uhh no that's completely wrong there are many examples of storage devices. There is magnetic storage devices, optical storage devices, silicon storage devices, and others i cant think of.~Dawn~

Are hard drives considered volatile storage devices?

No, they are permanent storage devices, only RAM is volatile storage device.

What are the storage devices?

There are many different kinds of storage devices based on the purpose of the device. These devices include flash drives.

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