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The monarchy is the head of state. At the moment this is Queen Elizabeth 2

The palace of westminister still has official rooms set aside for the Queen.However theQueen will rarely invovle herself in politics today and prefers to leave the government country to her elected repersentitves The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. A monarch is a hereditary ruler; a constitutional monarchy is a state headed by a monarch who rules according to the constitution.

AnswerThe English monarch is largely a figurehead. While she does appoint the prime minister, she never appoints anyone but the head of the majority party/colition. She is also the head of the Church of England but does little actual theological work in this role. She is however a symbol of the continuity between English past and future and a symbol of English culture. She wields no actual power, but she remains important as a symbol.
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Q: What is the role of the English monarchy today?
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Who is usually the leader in English monarchy?

the usual leader of the English monarchy is a man

Did the Constitution of 1791 eliminated the role of a monarchy?

no, it created a limited monarchy

What role did the glorious revolution and the English bill of rights play in establishing a constitutional monarchy in England?

The Glorious Revolution helped to establish a constitutional monarchy and a bill of rights because the English parliament and people knew they would not be able to establish a constitutional monarchy with James II. Therefore they invited William and Mary to overthrow James II on the condition they accept a constitutional monarchy.

What placed restrictions on English monarchy?

Parliamentarian decree limited the powers of the throne making it a "figure-head" role, not one of rule.

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What are the citizens role of a monarchy?

they dont have any role i like sex????????

What is the role of the law in constitute monarchy?

the king makes the laws like in a absolute monarchy

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What is the role of constitutional monarchy?

nothing nothing

Why is there still an English monarchy?

Because the English people still want the Monarchy. They are proud of their history and the ancestry of the royal family.

What happens if you oppose the English Monarchy?

They may get annoyed. But it is perfectly legal to oppose the English monarchy under British law

Is Ireland under the English queen today?

No. The Republic of Ireland is a republic, which means it does not have a monarchy. It has a president. Northern Ireland has the Queen as its head of state.

Does the English Monarchy practice circumcision?


How does monarchy system differ from your society in America today?

America today has elected leaders, whereas monarchy gives a country hereditary leaders.

Why were the french able to keep the monarchy for so much longer than the English?

They were not, We, The English still have a monarchy, while the French have their republic.

What is the role of the emperor in Japanese government today?

Under Japan's present constitution, the Emperor is the "symbol of the state and the unity of the people," and is a ceremonial figurehead in a constitutional monarchy.

What is the role of a monarch?

The Role of the Monarchy Monarchy is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom. In a monarchy, a king or queen or any other impotant people is Head of State. The British monarchy is known as a constitutional monarchy. This means that, while The Sovereign is Head of State, the ability to make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament.

Where do monarchy used today?

Great Britain

What form of government does Japan have today?

Japan today has a constitutional, parliamentary monarchy.

What year did the English restore the monarchy?

In 1660 the monarchy was restored and Charles II was proclaimed king

Your presidency was modeled after the English monarchy?


How the English Civil War affected the monarchy?

Temporarily, there was no monarchy. However, the leadership of Cromwell did not endure and the monarchy was reinstated, I believe with certain limitations.

How could Parliament limit the power of the English monarchy?

By law the monarchy has no legal power in England anymore, they are more part of a ceremonial role that just signs their name at the bottom of laws. Parliament could dissolve the monarchy if it had to, but considering the monarchy acts as head of state and greets foreign Nationals, it is more convenient to keep them than to go through the hassle of changing the system.

Which is a feature of a constitutional monarchy?

Has a prime minister with an important role.