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What is the role of volcanoes in the rock cycle?


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The volcano is where it all starts

the rock cycle always starts in the magma chamber depending on the type of rock igneous, metamorphic,and sedimentary.

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They create volcanoes which make magma/lava that turn into Igneous rocks. They pretty much start the whole rock cycle.

yes. mars does have a rock cycle, volcanoes have been found on mars. which concludes the fact that mars does have a rock cycle.

The role that energy plays in the rock cycle is magma.

when sediment falls into the sea it forms into sedimentary rock which then turns into metamorphic rock and back again it comes from the volcanoes it plays a major role in the rock cycle

The role of erosion and deposition in the rock cycle is that erosion transports weathered material from all three types in the rock cycle , at the point of deposition where it can litify into sedimentary rock !

Solidifying lava becomes igneous rock.

Yes. Most volcanoes on Earth are associated with plate boundaries.

Volcanoes melt the rock and eventually erupt. Once it erupted the rock starts to setal and cool into a certain type of rock

In the Rock Cycle, heat and pressure helps the igneous rock to form a metamorphic rock which forms back into an igneous rock. The sedimentary rock is helped through heat and pressure to form a metamorphic rock.

Cementation contributes to the breaking down of rocks

They erode mountains and carry rock down into new areas.

All volcanoes have molten rock. o.0

Yes, condensation plays a large role in the rock cycle. Although rocks do not need a water source to survive, they tend to thrive better when condensation from the atmosphere gets trapped between the rock.

it has no rock cycle...

Volcanoes and the rock cycle are examples of interactions between the atmosphere and geosphere and Dali 7AL rocks......

the endpoint of a rock cycle is the metamorphic rock

The rock cycle is considered a cycle because the materials are continuously recycled. Each rock or sediment will become a new rock.

No, the rock cycle does not have to start from the sedimentary rock

this is the life cycle of a rock.........

The rock cycle is slower than the water cycle.

a rock cycle is a cycle because it keeps going in a pattern of wich the rocks go in a cycle

The rock cycle and water cycle both are natural.

No, it is just called the Rock Cycle. Nothing else.

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