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What is the role of women during the gold rush?

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The role of women was to work in or run boardinghouses, hotels, laundries, and stores.

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What did the women and children do during the Gold rush?

Most of the women and children followed their husbands during the gold rush. They lived in the towns that were built for the god rush.

What were roles of women during the California gold rush?

There were few women involved in the gold rush. The gold rush towns were mainly all men and with no families. The women who were there worked in saloons or did laundry/seamstresses.

What did women wear during the California gold rush in 1849?

Not many women were involved in the gold rush. The men left families at home to seek gold and the gold rush towns were hard rough places. Women of the time wore long skirts, tucked in blouses, leather shoes and the dresses were form fitting.

How did they mine gold during the gold rush?

Yes, that is why it is called the gold rush.

What was a womens role on early gold rushes?

Well most of the women went to California to reunite with their husbands in the Gold Rush, but the roles of women were most likely cooking and laundry.

Where did the gold miners lived during gold rush?

Miners stayed in miner's settlements during the gold rush.

What was the shovel used for during the gold rush?

Yes the shovel was used during the Gold Rush.

What did cowgirls wear during the gold rush?

What did cowgirls where in the gold rush

How many people came to California during the California Gold Rush?

300,000 men, women and children came to California for gold

What did a women have to do during the Australian gold rush?

They used to stay home and look after their kids, or stay by themselves.

How much did a shovel cost during the gold rush?

A shovel during the gold rush would cost $11.

How did women from the Gold Rush help shape Australian?

They provided a variety of activities supporting the Gold Rush.

What are some questions about the California gold rush?

Which immigrants created the biggest influx of population to California at the time? What was a result of the California gold rush? Why was discrimination created against the immigrants during the gold rush? At what time period was the California gold rush during? What Acts were enacted against immigrants during the California gold rush?

What role did music have in society during the Victorian gold rush?

actually the correct spelling is You smell You smell :D

How did the gold get to California during the gold rush?

It did not get to California, it was taken out ofCalifornia during the gold rush. The gold came from the rocks and was deposited in the river sand during the Ice age melting.

What did women cook during the gold rush?

bread,saltwater,muttons,potatoes,onions,and salted beef jerky

What happened in 1845 during the California gold rush?

Nothing, because the Gold Rush was in 1849.

Did people die during the California gold rush?

Yes, people died in the gold rush.

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