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Q: What is the roll of Achilles in Trojan war?
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When did Achilles leave the Trojan war and when did he return to the Trojan war?

Achilles was killed during the Trojan War, so he didn't return home.

Who was the hero of the Trojan war?


When did Achilles stop the Trojan War?

Achilles was killed before the war stopped.

Who is the Trojan war hero?

Achilles (Greek), Hector (Trojan)

Can Achilles return home to Peleus?

No; Achilles died in the Trojan War.

Who was the greatest warrior of the Trojan War?


Who was the strongest Trojan war fighter?


Did Achilles get married?

No, he did not. He died in the Trojan War.

What roles did Achilles have in the Trojan War?


Who killed Hector in Trojan war?


What was the effect that Achilles had on the Trojan War?

He killed the Trojan leader Hector.

What river did Achilles' dipped him in the Trojan War?

Achilles was dipped into the River Styx.

What does Achilles symbolizes?

Achilles symbolizes weapons cause he is the warrior of the Trojan war !

What happened to acillies after the Trojan war?

Achilles was killed before the sacking of Troy, there was no "after the Trojan War" for him.

How old was Achilles during Trojan war?

he was about 15 when the Trojan war started and it lasted around 9 years so near the end of the war Achilles was 24

Who was the famous ancient Greek in the Trojan War?


What happens to Achilles in the Trojan war?

Killed by Paris.

What did Achilles do in the Trojan War over the years that he was in it?

he did nothing

Who is the true hero of the Trojan War?


Why did Achilles stop fighting in the Trojan war?

He was killed.

Who wins Achilles' arms in the Trojan War?


Who is more famous Achilles or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Achilles , the Greek hero from the Trojan War .

Who was the sister of the Trojan war hero Achilles?

There has been no written evidence of a sibling of Achilles.

Who were Achilles and agamemnon?

Achilles was a greek hero and Agamemnon was a king during the Trojan war.

Why did Achilles join the Trojan war?

Because Agamemnon took the girl Achilles loved.