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The answer depends on the meaning of the word "subtraing" which is not recognised.

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What is the rule of addition of integers?

negetive integers are not closed under addition but positive integers are.

What is the rule on integers?

Rule 1: The term is integer, not interger.Rule 2: The answer depends on what you want to do with it or them.

What is the rule in mulitplying integers with unlike sign?

One rule is that the product of two integers with unlike signs will have a minus sign for the product.

What is the rule in dividing integers?

The rule in dividing integers is to divide the absolute values. Two positive integers or two negative integers equals positive product. If one integer is positive and the other is negative, the product is negative.

What is the rule for subtracting integer?

While solving problems with large integers, don't always rely on the number line. Using integer arithmetic we can solve the problem of large integer. We need a rule for subtracting integers and the rule is: Rule: To subtract an integer, add its opposite.

What is the rule for dividing integers?

When dividing numbers that are different the answer will be negative.

Rule for the sign of the product of more than two integers?


What is the rule for subtracting integers?

To subtract integers u use kcc aka keep change change on the sighn and then u subtract normaly.

What is a general rule for two integers with the same sign?

The general rule is that they are both on the same side of zero on the number line.

What is rule in unlike sign in integers?

Subtract and the Keep the sign of the one that has more

What is the rule for subtracting integers with the same signs?

if the signs are the same you must add its opposite.

What is rule of division integers?

if both have the same sign the answer is positive, if they have different signs the answer is negative.

What is the rule for adding a positive and negative integers?

Adding Integers To add integers, one must consider the following two rules to be a successful. If you want to think of it on the number line you start from 0 and when you add a positive number you...

The sum of a positive integer and a negative integer is always sometimes or never zero?

If the integers are the same, then the sum is always zero.If the integers are different, then the sum is never zero.If there's no rule governing the choice of integers, then the sum is sometimes zero.By the way . . . we're talking about 'integers', not 'intergers'.

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