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What is the running temperature of a 1998 Cavalier RS?

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it it right around 180 to 215 depending on outsie temp and how u drive. i have a modded 98 cavy and it runs 210 constant! its good for the motor and computer to run right around 210!

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What does the RS mean in 1998 Cavalier RS?

It stands for "Rally Sport".

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier RS 2200 SFI 4-cylinder?

No pcv valve that can be serviced, the 1998 and later 2.2L OHV engines are equipped with an oil/air separator that is located inside the valve rocker arm cover that requires no maintenance. I have a 1998 Cavalier RS Coupe and I love it, also love my 2003 Mustang.

Where to find a 1987 cavalier z24?

i have a 1987 Cavalier RS Convertible in my driveway!!

Where is the trunk release 91 Chevy Cavalier?

My 91 Cavalier (RS 2.2L) doesn't have one but my 95 does on the left side of the drivers seat.

How much Horsepower does the 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 3.1 Coupe have?

135 H.P.

What is the spark plug gap measurements for a 1993 Chevy cavalier rs?

0.045 inch

Does a 1992 cavalier rs have a inertia switch?

GM vehicles do not use inertia switches

Turn 93 cavalier rs internal alarm off?

pull fuse out in fuse box

Should the radiator fan on a 1998 Chevy cavalier rs turn on when the engine is started?

no the radiator fan will only run when the engine is up to temp and needs to cool back down usually 180 to 220 degrees

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier RS with a 4 cylinder engine?

Valve cover

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier RS?

It is located in the gas Tank. in the gas tank

Can a 2000 z24 cavalier transmission work in a 1999 cavalier rs?

The RS stands for rally sport and came with a 2.2L OHV engine. The z24 came with a 2.4L DOHC engine. They are totally different. No you cannot swap-out. The wire harness is different and the computer software is different.

Can you find a engine diagram for a 1992 Chevy cavalier rs?

this question is very simple. Buy a owner manual for your car.

What kind of gas mileage does a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier rs get?

I personally have a 1993 cavalier RS four door 2.2L automatic. I have put almost ten thousand miles on it in the seven months that ive owned it. I have checked the mileage on several fill-ups, and i have averaged as high as 22 mpg, and as low as 17 mpg.

Why does my Chevy Camaro 91 rs not stay running?

youve got to be more specific.

How do you empty trans fluid from torque converter 91 Chevy cavalier rs?

Remove it from the car OR It can be flushed by a knowledgeable person with the correct equipment.

Do 1998 eclipse gt come with turbo?

rs-no gs-no gs-t-yes

What can you do if a cavalier 91 rs make explosions when starting and finally dont want to start no more?

Sounds like it has jumped time. Have the timing checked.

Is the turn signal flasher fuse for a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier RS a 2 pin or a 3 pin?

it has two pins and is located in the fuse panel

Picture of a fuel pump relay?

need picture of 91 chevy cavalier rs. 12v 20/30 A 0 332 204171 bosch. what is it?

Headbolt torque 1998 escort 2.0L can you supply torque sequence?

a 2.0l escort was never made in 98 , last 2.0 was in 95 and was a, rs / cosworth / rs 4x4

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge box office report?

the movie earned over 106 crore Rs in India and Rs 15 crore overseas. it is running from 15 years earning 12 billion Rs

What would cause the check engine light preceded by sputtering on a 1998 Eclipse RS?

it could be the coil

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1998 Eclipse take?

ATF+4 for Eclipse RS with automatic transmission.

How much fork oil goes in your aprilia rs 125 1998 model?

210ml per leg