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What is the sacred text of Taoism?

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Why is Judaism a sacred text?

Judaism is not a sacred text, it is a religion and that religion happens to have a sacred text. To learn more about Judaism's Sacred Text, read the Related Question.

In which religion is the Bible the sacred text?

The Holy Bible is the sacred text for Christians.

What are names of Hindus sacred text?

the hindu sacred text is called a sakrit.

What is a sacred text?

A sacred text reflects the God word revelation to God prophet. Accordingly, Torah is the sacred text revealed by God to Moses, the Bible is the sacred text revealed by God to Jesus, and Qur'an is the sacred text revealed by God to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all)

Sacred writtings of taoism?

They were the Tao Te Ching and the Cuang-Tzu

What is the Mennonite sacred text?

Answer: The Mennonite sacred text is the same as that of other Christians - the Bible.

When was Internet Sacred Text Archive created?

Internet Sacred Text Archive was created in 1999.

Is there Christian taoism?

Answer # 1NO!Taoism is another doctrine. There is no such thing as Christian Taoism. The word tao does not exist in biblical text. Taoism is a doctrine of men, see colossians chapter 2Answer # 1 ends

What is the sacred text or symbol of judaism?

Sacred Text: Tanakh Symbol: Shield of David / Star of David

What is the sacred text of Shintoism?

It is Arabian and natalia text.

Is the a sacred writing in the Bible?

The bible is considered a sacred text.

Do Christianity and the Talmud match in sacred text and religion?

No. The Talmud is an explanatory legal treatise in Judaism. It is not a "sacred text" nor is it affiliated with Christianity in any way. (The Jewish sacred text is the Tanakh or Jewish Bible.)

What is the sacred text of the religion in ancient Greece?

The main sacred text is Iliad and the Odyssey which were a series of poems written by Homer

What is the sacred text for the Church of England?

I believe the sacred text of the church of England is the King James edition of the Holy Bible.

The revelations from allah were collected and formed which sacred text of islam?

The revelations from Allah were collected and formed the Quran, the sacred text of Islam.

What text does Christianity follow?

The sacred text for Christianity is The Holy Bible.

What was the religious text text of the Aztecs?

It was calles the sacred-Aztecs or the Hymmns.

The major trxt of confucianism is the?

The major text of confucianism is the Sacred Text.

What is the relationship of sacred spaces and places and the beliefs of taoism?

Taoism does not believe in "Sacred Places". But they believe that there are places on Earth that emits more [Tao] energy than others. Incorrect Before Taoist ritual begins, a sacred space is created that links heaven and earth. Mountains and caves are also considered sacred spaces, and are often occupied by Daoist hermits. - http://www.patheos.com/Library/Taoism.html

Does Christianity have a sacred text?

Yes. The Bible is the sacred text for Christianity. For more information on the Christian, please read the Related Link below.

Is epic Mahabharata a long sacred text?

yes, Mahabharata is the longest Sacred Text of Hinduism. It is an epic poem describing wars of pandwas.

What religion is Upanishads a sacred text of?

Upanishads is one of the many sacred texts of Hinduism.

Is the Mahabharata a long sacred text?

Mahabharata is one of the many sacred texts of Hinduism.

Sacred Text of Buddhism?

Mahayana and theravada

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