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Marijuana. It ranks at the bottom of the list of all drugs for addictive qualities. The lethal dose of marijuana is at least one-third your body weight. All the major research on marijuana shows that it does not cause any serious health problems for the vast majority of people, even when it is used regularly for decades.


Though I would agree that marijuana is less harmful that many of the other drugs, it is still smoked. As such, you cannot argue that the smoke does not harm your lungs. That would be stupid. Mushrooms are more directly the healthiest drug. They are natural and are simply ingested. There are no known long term effects of mushrooms but you have to weigh out the possibility of a bad trip.

However, marijuana has anticarcinogenic cannabinoids (THC, along with others), which has been shown in scientific research. The tar and other particles inhaled in smoke may be harmful the lungs, but ultimately there is no increased risk for lung cancer among marijuana users.

Of course if you transform the THC into baked goods, it can be just as safe as mushrooms. You could also use a vaporizer.

I still think marijuana is healthier than even mushrooms. First off, there is a chance that you can pick a poisonous mushroom, which can really make you sick and in some cases cause death. And like the person above stated you can have a bad trip, which from what I've heard has led people to doing things like jumping off a roofs.

The person above is right in terms of marijuana being smoked possibly leading to debris getting into your lungs, but there are ways to minimize the amount of debris to very little or none at all.

First off you can use a water-based pipe, which eliminates a lot of the debris and tar that naturally exist within marijuana making the hits you take much smoother and much healthier. You are less likely to take in debris this way.

Secondly, you can eat weed in the form of hash brownies, which takes longer for the high to set in, but once it does, the high will last longer than a high from a joint or a water based pipe (bong). And most importantly you get absolutely zero debris in your lungs. Weed is absolutely wonderful for a nice high, and a chill and relaxing night without hang over.

1) You just need to be in a good environment

2) you can't rely on the weed as a mechanism to cope with any of your troubles, and

3) you can't get caught with it. Unfortunately it is illegal, so you have to be very responsible with it. Use it don't abuse it :)

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Q: What is the safest illegal drug?
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