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Use a #4 split bolt. Apply penetrox (an oxide inhibiting compound) to both wires and insert one wire on each side of the spacer bar. Tighten the split bolt with two wrenches. Apply two double laps of rubber amalgamating tape and then two laps of electrical vinyl tape. Position so that the splice does not touch the frame of the oven. Replace the junction box cover plate.

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Can you install copper and powder coated aluminum together?

Actually, i don't know if u want get the alloy. but if that, we can use electrodeposited method to easily get the alloy in any shapes. we can discuss about it later.

What has the author John T Larsen written?

John T. Larsen has written: 'An x-ray method for following the precipitation process in polycrystalline aluminum-copper' -- subject(s): Metallurgy

Which method is appropriate for separating a mixture of iron and aluminum?

Use a magnet to sort out the iron from the aluminum.

What kind of element is aluminum?

scientific method (al)

What method is used to separate copper from copper sulphate solution?

By heating copper sulfate is decomposed in copper(II) oxide and sulfur trioxide; by reduction of the copper oxide with hydrogen copper is obtained.

What new copper refining method is now used?

A notable advance in copper mining technology is the solvent extraction-electrowinning (SX-EW) method of production.

What copper tube is available when using the grooved method of joining?

Grooved method? Threads on the end of the pipe? There is no tube or pipe in copper with threads. You can end a copper pipe with a connection that is threaded to accept steel pipe.

What is copper recycling?

Copper recycling is to get copper from copper contained materials by ways such as extracting, separating, etc.. This is a resource-saving and environment-friendly method for us.

Method for manufacturing copper sulphate?

Copper sulphate is manufactured by dissolving the copper fillings in Sulphuric AcidProf Abdul Khaliq Bakoch

What method is used for extracting aluminium?

Aluminum is produced from its ores (e.g. bauxite) by electrolysis of the molten aluminum salts.

Can all copper be refined using the solvent extraction-electrowinning method?

It is estimated that only 15 percent of world copper reserves and 13 percent of U.S. copper reserves can be processed via the SX-EW method.

What is aluminum welding called?

It is called aluminum welding. Aluminum can be TIG welded, the most common method, or oxy-fuel welded, or stick welded, or MIG welded.

How do you connect a number 12 aluminum wire to a number 14 copper wire?

AMP (part of Tyco) manufactures the COPALUM system. It's a form of pigtailing, but the electrician uses a special machine that applies (IIRC) over 20 tons of force to the crimp. When it's done, it is as safe as you can possibly get with the notoriously unsafe aluminum wiring. 12-gauge aluminum and 14-gauge copper both handle 15 amps, so that's okay. The proper way is to get a licensed electrican with aluminum experience to "pig-tail" all the aluminum wire in the entire house. This way you wind up with only copper wires to work with. I live in an area with a LOT of aluminum wiring and made a nice living for awhile doing pigtail work. You use the anti-oxidant compound and al/cu connectors. But the important part is to make sure that the connection is made correctly--something a lot of inexperienced electricians might mess us--and that the wire is skinned back so that it had not been abraded or oxidized in any way. It costs a few dollars, but unless you are ready to have your house burn down, it is worth it. electrical supply stores carry a wire nut made for cop to alum connections I very strongly do-not recommend the use of two dissembler metels in wiring. You are asking for TROUBLE big time! When two metels are put together they set up a reaction called electrolysis which causes currosion. This causes the junction to heat which is a major cause of electrical fires! Aluminum may be cheap but better forgotten. Aluminum also has more resistance than copper and therefore requires a lot larger wire. If you don't mind dim lights, hard starting motors that heat because of the lack of available power ect. Well I hope you got the idea. Aluminum is better to make pop cans out of! I'm sure the guy meant "dissimilar," but I agree - DON'T DO IT! When connecting aluminum and copper wiring together you must use devices marked CU AL which are designed to keep the 2 wires from touching each other. Best advice is to absolutely not use aluminum wiring! Don't forget that if you have to use Aluminum wiring you should coat all your connections with an anti-oxidizing paste to lower the fire hazard. 3M also makes a crimp type tool and connectors that can be used with it to make a aluminum to copper connection (IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY). It works better than the AL-CU nut type connectors. 3M also makes a handy little wire nut specifically designed to connect aluminum and copper wires that already contains an anti-corrosion compound probably the simplest and easiest method.

Describe the method of purification of copper?

The method used to extract Cu from its ore depends on the nature of the ore.

What is the method for heating copper sulphate?

visit http:/www.chemistryforyou.com

What are the methods of extracting copper called?

The newest method is bioleaching.

How is mineral such as gold or copper is mined?

Solid Minerals such as Gold and Copper are mostly mined using the Open Cast Method.

Why is it too expensive to extract copper from land using traditional method?

It's too expensive to extract copper from land using traditional method because the quarrying and heating of the metal would result in an energy expenditure that would make mining copper counterproductive.

Why is copper more expensive than iron?

Because copper is rarer than iron and iron uses and easier extracting method.

Why copper ore is not concentrated by hydraulic washing?

copper ore is usually in the form of malachite, needs to be refined through chemical method.

How do you extract copper from copper II oxide?

You can extract copper from copper II oxide through reduction method using hydrogen gas or CO. By passing hydrogen gas or carbon monoxide over heated copper II oxide you will be able to obtain copper metal.

Organization that enables you to connect to the internet?

You can connect to the internet through many ways. Building a LAN is the easiest method to connect to the internet. Finding a router may be a better solution.

Is copper T is a safe birth control method?

For me it was but there is some complications associated with it...

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