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There is no patron saint of dinosaurs.

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The Patron Saint Index lists no patron saint of dinosaurs.

HA! there are no genetic mutations! DINOSAURS ARE DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS ARE DINOSAURS! no mutants

what doesn't kill dinosaurs, dinosaurs kill dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs - 1985 TV was released on: USA: 1985

The collective nouns for dinosaurs are:a herd of dinosaursa pack of dinosaurs

Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs. They were flying reptiles.

Platypuses are not dinosaurs; nor are they related to dinosaurs.

Sharks are Sharks and dinosaurs are dinosaurs. But there were animals recognizable as Sharks living when the dinosaurs did.

fossils extracted from dinosaurs created from DNA extracted from dinosaurs?

birds are dinosaurs some birds that lived with dinosaurs were archeopteryx, confuisosornis, and avivisaurus these creatures are dinosaurs all birds were dinosaurs

Most dinosaurs were herbivores. There was a wide variety or carnivorous dinosaurs, though, and all herbivorous dinosaurs evolved from the earliest carnivorous dinosaurs. Birds are descendants of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Nothing eats dinosaurs, because they dont exist anymore. But back in the day, other dinosaurs ate dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs never flew dinosaurs were land reptiles although some dinosaurs could swim

No. Dinosaurs evolved from reptiles. Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Bigger dinosaurs, Scarier Dinosaurs, and predators such as Deinosuchus and Liopleurodon

There were mammals living alongside the dinosaurs, but the dinosaurs were not mammals.

no dinosaurs can not defeat dragons but dragons can defeat dinosaurs

dinosaurs because there were no humans around when the dinosaurs were around.

No. They were the relatives of dinosaurs.

no dinosaurs are not fish

No. Dinosaurs are extinct.

No. We see dinosaurs every time we walk outside. Birds are dinosaurs, they belong to the clade Avialae, which means they are dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are reptiles and reptiles are vertebrates, so dinosaurs are vertebrates.Yes. They had backbones.

In early studies dinosaurs are poikilothermic in new study shows dinosaurs are truly homeothermic

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