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What is the salary for a dancer?

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What is the average salary of a professional jazz dancer?

What is the salary of a principal dancer at San Francisco balket

The median salary for a choreographer is about $34,000.

The top salary for a hip hop dancer ranges from $15,000 to $150,000

Depends on which theatre, which city, which country, and how good the dancer is.

The amount of money an back up dancer can earn depends on who is paying the dancer for their talent. There is not a set salary for expectation for the dancer.

Probaly the same salary as an regular Ballet dancer makes

It depends what kind of dancer and where you work at

8===d o: <---- dancers rando

I heard $60 per game, not sure tho

I'm am one and you get 1998 Eros per week

how much does a hip hop dancer make?????

a commercial dancer typically doesn't get a salary. they get paid for whichever jobs they book . If a job they book happens to be long term they may receive a salary, but usually they just get one or two paychecks for their days of work. Once they complete a job, they go back out auditioning until they book another one.

19000 to 35000, but hyou could earn more if TOP dancer

The average salary of a professional dancer varies as to what sort of professional dancer one is asking about. The 3 main types of professional dancers can be catergorized into;Classical Ballet DancerCommercial DancerContemp/Modern DancerAll three have various salaries and packages depending on contracts. A contract is offered once the dancer has successfully auditioned for a position. This can be minimum of say $100 per show. Or as with a major ballet company $450 per week. Commercial dancers tend to stick to contracts, or as with TV and video work a lump sum. For a TV commercial $2000-3000 for three/four days work. The dance industry is very rollacoster when it comes to making consistent money. It can be difficult to obtain a loan or secure finanicial backing. The experience of being a dancer far outweights the monetry value though.

Dancers who work with performing arts companies earn a median income of $14.82 per hour. And in £'s I ain't bothered

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Average starting salary for a company dancer in the US is somewhere around $350/week for a 28-36 week contract. The big top level companies like ABT and NYCB of course have much higher starting salaries (700-900/week) but the average dancer makes much less and almost never has a 52 week contract.

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