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What is the salary for a lawyer?

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102,470 is the average for 2006 and some made half more and some made half less

Lawyer an the average salary of a lawyer is 70k plus a year. it also depends on the area he works an the field of law he studies some lawyers work in private and smaller firms where they make money off a lawsuit or the win of a case. So make more an some make less but that's is the ball park est of what they should make or do make. Its like any other job some places you make more some you make less.

2011-09-15 10:17:21
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Q: What is the salary for a lawyer?
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What is the base lawyer salary in Miami?

base lawyer salary in Miami

Salary of an assistant lawyer?

The expect estimated salary of a legal assistant for a lawyer is about $59,000. The salary is determined by the lawyer based of the requirements of the job, and the skills of the assistant.

What is the monthly salary for a lawyer?

The monthly salary of a Lawyer depends on what kind of Lawyer they are. Some Lawyers get paid $94,930 to $152,750.

Average salary of a family lawyer in new york?

what is the annual salary of an family lawyer in new york

Median salary of lawyers?

what is the Georgia median salary for a lawyer

What effects the salary for a lawyer?

loosing a trial will effect a lawyers salary.

What is the salary of a rookie lawyer?

about 40,000.

Salary of a state lawyer?


What the salary of a fresh lawyer?


What is the salary for a child advocacy lawyer?

The average salary for a child advocacy lawyer is 108,000 dollars per year. Salary averages range from 85,000 to 171,000, depending on location.

What is the salary for a lawyer at ESPN?

A lawyer at ESPN makes in the $200,000/yr range.

What is the salary of an attorney?

In 2006, the median annual salary of a lawyer/attorney was $102,470

What is salary of corporate lawyer?

Corporate Attorney. Salary Range. $80774 - $158880

What is the annual salary of a criminal defense lawyer in NJ?

The anual salary is 83,831

What is the annual salary of a lawyer?


Lawyer yearly salary?

45,000 - 200,000

What is the salary range of lawyer?

your face thats the answer

What is the salary or earning potential for a lawyer?

its 256,000

What is the typical salary for a begging lawyer?


What is the average career salary of a lawyer?


What is the average salary of a lawyer that specializes in business law?

The average salary of a corporate lawyer is usually around 100,000. However if they can find cases in big lawsuits they can probably increase their annual salary.

What is the average salary for a Lawyer?

The average salary for a lawyer is 104,000 dollars in the USA. In the UK the average salary is 50,000 pounds. I have answered the question already, I am just filling up the characters with this sentence.

What are the likes and dislikes about being a lawyer?

The answer on likes of being a lawyer are you get a lot of beginning salary

What is the average salary for a lawyer in Arizona?

The average salar for a lawyer in Arizona is $41000 - $71000.

Does the salary increase with years of experience of being a lawyer?

how does your pay increase for being a lawyer