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What is the salary of a good lawyer?

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The middle half of all lawyers earn about between $69,910 and $145,600. But it really does vary.

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Is it good to be a lawyer?

It will be good to be a lawyer as it may be a high-price salary job and help others to fight for justice.

What is the base lawyer salary in Miami?

base lawyer salary in Miami

What is the advantages of being a lawyer?

Good salary, if you are good at your job you will never be short of work.

Salary of an assistant lawyer?

The expect estimated salary of a legal assistant for a lawyer is about $59,000. The salary is determined by the lawyer based of the requirements of the job, and the skills of the assistant.

What is the monthly salary for a lawyer?

The monthly salary of a Lawyer depends on what kind of Lawyer they are. Some Lawyers get paid $94,930 to $152,750.

Average salary of a family lawyer in new york?

what is the annual salary of an family lawyer in new york

Median salary of lawyers?

what is the Georgia median salary for a lawyer

What effects the salary for a lawyer?

loosing a trial will effect a lawyers salary.

What is the salary of a rookie lawyer?

about 40,000.

Salary of a state lawyer?


What the salary of a fresh lawyer?


What is the salary for a child advocacy lawyer?

The average salary for a child advocacy lawyer is 108,000 dollars per year. Salary averages range from 85,000 to 171,000, depending on location.

What is the salary for a lawyer at ESPN?

A lawyer at ESPN makes in the $200,000/yr range.

What is the salary of an attorney?

In 2006, the median annual salary of a lawyer/attorney was $102,470

What is salary of corporate lawyer?

Corporate Attorney. Salary Range. $80774 - $158880

What is the annual salary of a criminal defense lawyer in NJ?

The anual salary is 83,831

What is the annual salary of a lawyer?


Lawyer yearly salary?

45,000 - 200,000

What is the salary range of lawyer?

your face thats the answer

What is the salary or earning potential for a lawyer?

its 256,000

What is the typical salary for a begging lawyer?


What is the average career salary of a lawyer?


What is the average salary of a lawyer that specializes in business law?

The average salary of a corporate lawyer is usually around 100,000. However if they can find cases in big lawsuits they can probably increase their annual salary.

What is the average salary for a Lawyer?

The average salary for a lawyer is 104,000 dollars in the USA. In the UK the average salary is 50,000 pounds. I have answered the question already, I am just filling up the characters with this sentence.

What are the likes and dislikes about being a lawyer?

The answer on likes of being a lawyer are you get a lot of beginning salary