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What is the salary of a mechanic?


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umm 23


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The monthly salary is $51000.The weekly salary is $12750.

The average annual income for a diesel mechanic in Tampa, FL is $32,000. The average annual salary in Little Rock, AR is $35,000 and the average annual salary nationwide is $38,000.

hourly rate for none union maintence mechanic

Itss. 10000000000000:) Thanks for asking.

The average annual salary for a marine mechanic is 35,430 dollars. The top ten percent of people working in this profession can have an annual salary of 55,030 dollars.

There does not appear to be a salary estimate that covers Europe as a whole. The median annual salary for an auto mechanic in the United Kingdom is $43,430. This includes an annual bonus of $6,360. The average monthly salary for an auto mechanic in Germany is 4,013 euros or $5,150 in US currency.

The average yearly salary for an automotive mechanic in New York City is $46,000.00 USD. This is the currently listed average wage as of the 2nd of July, 2013.

$20 to $30 thousand dollars a year

The average monthly salary for a car mechanic falls between 3,000-4,000 dollars. Mechanic's that work on high profile vehicles can make up to 6,000 dollars month.

80,000 a yr and 2350 a month 1180 a week

The starting salary for a mechanic is based on many variables. These variable include where in the country the job is and your experience level. The starting pay can range anywhere from $10 to $55 per hour.

Neither; A flat rate mechanic is considered "piece work" or "contract work".

There are large minimum and maximum wages that auto mechanics make. The mean (average) yearly salary for an auto mechanic is just under $40,000. This averages out to about $19.00 an hour wage.

Average salary for an electrical motor mechanic can vary based on where they are situated. In 2009 the average salary in the UK was £1,000,000. Whereas in eastern Europe it ranged from around the equivalent to £20 to £100.

A job as an HVAC Mechanic I or equivalent (which is the starting job) pays an average salary of $40,412. When you first start out, though, you will most likely receive a lower salary. If you make it to HVAC Mechanic III or equivalent, which relies more on experience and judgment, you can receive a median salary of $53,408.

Between seventeen to 45 dollars a hour

According to, anywhere between 37,000 and 40,000 (USD)

Whatever the department, agency, or company pays them. It varies throughout.

depends on which positon are you on either you are fixing ball bearings in a cycle or in a plane

The average yearly salary for an auto mechanic is $36,000. The range of salary varies depending on experience and place of employment.

Yes, median salary is around $36,000 but if your going into that field instead go to college and become a mechanical engineer its better :P

The average salary for a mechanic in Florida will vary depending on the company he works for and his experience. Most mechanics start out making about $15 an hour.

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