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What is the salary of a soccer player?


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Wayne Rooney gets £250,000 a month


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Germany is one of the European super powers in soccer. On average the salary of a player in Germany is about 60 thousand dollars.

To become a professional soccer player, you have to be hired by a team willing to pay you a salary.

The average salary for a soccer player in the Italian Series B is about 75,000 euros per week. In contrast, the Series B salary is around 5 million euros.

The salary for a soccer player can vary. Depending on if the player is professional or not. It also depends on the position being played and how well they are playing. Different companies will pay more for a player if they really want them on their team.

The average salary for a soccer player is $141,903.13. The highest paid soccer player is Robbie Keane who makes $4 million per year.

The average salary for a soccer player is 142,000 per year. This does not include bonuses or endorsements of any kind.

John Terry gets the highest salary I think. That is 150,000 pounds a week.

$1,000,000.00 a game if they score more than 7 goals

Gilberto is a current soccer player for Toronto FC. His salary for the 2014 season is listed at $1.2 million.

If your a pro-soccer player and if your good like David Beckham he gets like $5,000 every game his team wins so it depends how well you are at soccer and how good your soccer team is *-*Anna Hodges*-*

That depends from player to player.some get 20,000 pounds and the best get 100,000 pounds or more per week.

it depends on how good you are e.g rooneys is 250,000 and a legue 2 player could be 50,000

When sponsorships are taken into account along with salary: Cristiano Ronaldo

i hope it is alot because i am going to play there someday

The salary of a soccer player can depend upon their skill just like in other sports. The average amount that a soccer player makes per game is about $30,000 to $60,000.

A lot. I think about a million dollars a year. And the correct term is "footballer" or "football player".

Soccer players all over the world are now paid a weekly salary according to their contract and are not at all paid a weekly salary . They are paid mainly in pounds or Euros.

i play in the league and a top player in the league makes 2k/month

Footballers usually get a weekly fixed salary as in their contract.

Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure get 250,000 pounds as weekly salary.

First of all, it depends where you live. But the salary of a soccer player all depends on the player and how good they are. It will probably range from in the 30,000's US to the millions US.

The salary of a soccer player depends upon a number of factors just as in other sports. They could be paid more depending on the club that they play for, their skill, and how much experience they have.

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