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What is the salary of a top pro ATV motocross racer?


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2 million dollars every year

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There are many large prizes that a pro motocross racer can win each year. The most notable are the X-Games event gold medals and the AMA Motocross Championship.

He is a pro motocross racer. Obviously he like to go fast.

It doesn't take much to become a motocross racer. All you need is a good dirt bike and protective gear. It doesn't matter your skill level, there are classes you can race in from beginner to pro. I hoped this helped:)

The salary depends on how much you win and also depends on your sponsors.

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Only the best can pull down this type of earnings. Most make far less than this.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro happened in 2006.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro was created on 2006-10-26.

There are no set chances but its up to you if you train to go pro or not.

To become a pro motocross racer, you need to first start off as a C rider, or a beginner. as you work your way up you will become a B rider, then an A rider. as an A rider, you can find sponsors to sponsor you and give you money to go race in the big leagues. You might want to start off in NMA and go to races like Ponca City and Loretta Lynn's. That's where racers like Eli Tomac, Ryan Villopoto, and Travis Pastrana have started out in their careers. You have to send a letter to the AMA and they will determine whether or not you get your pro racing card.

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There are many games for the iPad that feature dirtbikes. A few common titles are Mad Skills Motocross Blitz, Ace Motorbike 3D, Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro, and Motocross Pro Rider Free.

Being payed for what you do. PRO......... professional, amature may be as good but does not get payed.

Travis is the star of the new hit MTV show called Nitro Circus. He is a professional frestyle motocross rider and pro supercross/motocross racer. He has been injured so many times it's a miracle he is alive at 23. Jolene is the only girl on the show Nitro Circus. She races in the WMA.

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Arai VX Pro 3 or Shoei V Moto

no you just have to work your way up

it depends on what class they race in

the annual salary of a pro catcher is arouns 8 and 900 thousand dollars a year

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The average salary is 100,000 per year

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