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Q: What is the salary of an assistant store manager at big lots?
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What is average salary of a store manager at big lots?

$50,000. More if you have major retail experience.

What is the salary of a Kentucky Fried Chicken manager?

Not enough. If you work as a KFC manager. Expect lots of hours and low pay with a lot of stress.

What is the average salary for the job of an assistant editor?

$26000 to $40000 is the average salary of an assistant editor. This will range though depending on the education that you have and how long you have been at the company. The average salary of an assistant editor is around $40,000. This could be higher or lower depending on who you are working for. If you are working at a top notch publishing firm with lots of experience your pay will reflect that.

What is the salary of a candy store owner?

The Salary of a candy store owner is about: 3,000 to 5,000 dollars it seems much but it's not. Because you have lots of bills to pay because of all the candy you have to buy for the store

Big lots store manager typically earns how much per year?

Anywhere from $45-62000.

What is Andy schleck's salary?


How much do big lots employees make?

Minimum wadge with a quarter annual raise if your lucky. The max raise is 30 cents a year, but you have to be screwing the store manager like the day time css in the Lynnwood, Wa. store

What kind of jobs are offered on Jobboom?

There are lots of different jobs offered on Jobboom. Some of the featured jobs are Customer Service Representative, Assistant Product Manager, Network Support Technician, Junior Compliance Specialist, and Telemarketing Agent.

How does a marketing manager differ from a manager?

because market manager meets lots of peoples and he knows what is the basic thougts of peoples.

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How much salary of a ticket collector in Indian railway?


What does a seven figure salary mean?

Lots of money. or more technically 1,000,000+ annual salary a year

Which store has lots of games?

Eb games have lots of games

Where to find physician assistant listings?

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Where is the nearest Job Lots store?

Depending on which "Job Lots" store is being referred to, the nearest location would depend on current location. If one was in Vermont, the closest "Job Lots" store would be in the town of St. Johnsbury.

How do NASCAR drivers get paid?

Salary (from sponsor) + bonuses (from lots of sources) + % of prize money (% differs by driver) = lots of money

What are the benefits of being a computer technician?

Big salary, lots of hrs.

How does big lots remain union free?

well they say they have an open door policy that the store manager should follow. that if u have any questions about anything you can ask it, When I worked there I worked as a manager but was getting paid for title under mangament, now I did ask my boss about retore pay and man did I get my head torn off, if you ask me Big lots will find ways to steal from you even when you dont even know it. in my opinion Big lots should go union but who knows if that would do anything

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There are lots of medical assistant schools in the Philly area. Here is a link which will help you out in finding a good medical assistant school in Pennsylvania.

How can I get a certificate as a certified nursing assistant?

There are lots of different programs that offer Certified Nursing Assistant Training such as ones that are given in hospitals, job training programs and colleges.

Does Big lots have takis?

No but right beside Big Lots there is a Mexican store on your right.

How much salary do movie makers get?

it depends on which movie maker. But all I know is that they get LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

What education do you need to become a teacher's assistant?

You need lots of spirit about kids and you need to be friendly

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