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This is a personal reaction so, it depends on who you are really. Most people I hear from, think it's the Tower of Terror. The one that scares me is the Rock and Roller Coaster.

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Q: What is the scariest ride at Disney World?
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What is the scariest ride in Disney World?

The scariest ride in Disney World is the ROCKIN' ROLLER COASTER.

What is the most scaryiest ride at Disney World?

the tower of terror is the scariest ride

What is the scariest ride in the world?

Saw-the ride at Thorpe park, England is the scariest ride in the world.

What is the most scariest theme ride in Disney World?

i would have 2 say tower of tare

What is the most scariest ride in Disney?

mount Everest

What is the most frighting ride at Disney World?

That just depends on the person and what their greatest fear is. Tower of Terror is the scariest if you hate big drops and falling. Rock n' Roller Coaster would be the scariest if you are afraid of high speeds and/or going upside down (it's the only ride at Disney that has inversions). The more intense "orange" version of Mission:Space would be the scariest if you hate spinning and get motion sickness from it.

What is the worlds scariest ride?

The worlds scariest ride is the spinning teacups

What is the scariest amusement park ride in the world?

Although this is an opinion question, I believe that the spinning ladybug of doom ride was voted the scariest ride every year since 1978.

What is the scariest ride in movie world?

super man ecape

What is the scariest ride at Discovery Kingdom?

Many people say that the Medusa is the scariest ride.

What Is The Scariest Ride At Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

In my opnion the scariest ride in blackpool is the Pepsi Max ...

Does Disney Florida have the jaws ride?

No, the Jaws ride is at Universal Studios, not Disney World.

What is the scariest ride in thorpe park?

SAW the ride

What is the littlest ride in Walt Disney World?

the movie ride

What is the scariest ride at Disney's Universal Park?

Disney does not have a universal park. i would have to say it would be the mummy at both parks in Florida and California.

Is there a jungle book ride at Disney World?

there is no jungle book ride

What is the scariest ride in carowinds?


What is the scariest ride in dorney?


What is the scariest ride?

dolly parton

Is saw - the ride a silly ride?

No! It's considered one of the most intense, best, and scariest roller coasters in the world

Whats the scariest ride at darien lake?

The scariest ride at Darien Lake will depend on how easily you get scared and what kind of rides you are used to.

What is the most frightening ride at disney worlds mgm studios theme park?

scariest is a elivator that drops you down so fast it feels like the ride broke and know your falling down

Can a 3 year old ride any rides at Disney World?

3 year olds can ride almost all of the rides at Disney world

What was the first Disney World ride built?

disny world

What is the scariest ride at Six Flags?

The Eagle is the best ride in the park.