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The schwa sound is the u or the e

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Does garage have the schwa sound?

Yes, some garages does have the schwa sound

Does about have a Schwa sound?

Yes. The "uh" sound is a schwa sound.

What is the schwa sound in brilliant?

there is no schwa sound in brilliant

Where is the schwa sound in about?

the schwa sound is the a in ah- bout

Where is the schwa sound in mountain?

There is no "schwa" sound in the word mountain.

What vowels have the schwa sound in sugar?

The A has the schwa (unstressed sound) which is actually a schwa-R (ehr/uhr).

Does Pleasure have schwa sound?

yes.the word pleasure have schwa sound.

What is the schwa sound in forget?

Schwa is a reduced sound. It is the o in forget.

Does the word alone have the schwa sound?

Yes, the A is a schwa or "uh" sound.

What is the schwa sound in qualify?

schwa sound in the word canoe .

Where is the schwa sound in circus?

The "I" is the schwa in circus

What is the schwa vowel sound in?

An example of the schwa vowel sound is the sound the letter a makes in the word "about".

What is the schwa vowel sound in blizzard?

The schwa sound is in the second syllable (urd). It is an unstressed sound.

Does agree have a schwa sound at the end?

No it does not "Ag-ree" their is NO schwa sound at the end

What vowel has the schwa sound in focus?

The -us in focus has the schwa sound (uhs).

does about have schwa e sound?

Yes. The word "about" does have the "schwa e" sound. If you look in the dictionary the pronounciation is listed as "/??bout/". ? means the "schwa e" sound.

What is the schwa vowel sound in machinery?

The A has an unstressed schwa (muh) sound and the ER has a schwa-R (ur) sound. The stressed vowels are the I and Y, which both have a long E sound.

Does the word climb contain a schwa sound?

The only vowel sound in the word climb is not a schwa sound.

Does gallon have a schwa sound?

Yes. The A has a short A sound. The O has the schwa or unstressed vowel sound (un).

Is couple a schwa sound?

It depends on how you say it but I think it is not a schwa it is an "uh" sound - represented by an upside down V. A schwa is like the vowel sound in bird

Does the word preview contain the schwa sound?

The schwa is the "uh" sound...as in the word "about" - pronounced Uh-bout. So, no, the word "preview" does no contain the schwa sound.

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