What is the science behind tidalwave energy?

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Tidal wave energy is a form of hydro power that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power. Energy from the oceans tides can deliver more predictable supply compared to wind energy or solar power.
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What is the science behind the telephone and why?

The science behind the discovery is physics and electronics because of the sound waves that pass through the telephone to the electrical wire and to another telephone.

What is the science behind a rosin bag?

Answer . The rosin bag is used to by the pitcher to keep his hand dry if it gets sweaty in the sun or throwing to many pitches

What is the science behind handwriting analysis?

The handwriting analysis term used was graphology , which was coined in 1875 by a Frenchman called Abbé Jean-Hippolyte Michon. The word actually comes from two Greek words - graphein , to write and logos , account.. Abbé's methods of handwriting analysis were simple, and created interest a ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind hydroelectric energy?

The science behind hydroelectric power includes elements of physics. Given an existing dam with a reservoir and a power station, let's follow the action. Water is allowed to build up behind a dam. This creates potential energy. Releasing the water and directing it through turbines converts the poten ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind natural gas?

Natural gas seems to be the result of biological matter that decomposes. Plants especially. It could also be the resulting emanations of petroleum as it decomposes further from it's oily state to a gaseous form notisable in the presence of Propane, Ethane and Methane.

What is the science behind polyethylene bonding?

Polyethylene (C 20 H 40 ) has single bonds from twenty carbon atoms to forty hydrogen atoms. It is a polymer chain of ten linked ethylene (C 2 H 4 ) monomers, which have two carbon atoms and four hydrogen atoms. In an ethylene monomer, the two carbons are double bonded to themselves, while the hydr ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind solar energy?

light = enregy..... heat = energy...simple.....you can make nano cells that do these also nano cells that can create energy by sound vibrations... i need some science "geeks" to help me devolop easy advances in these areas... if your interested contact me @ bengammonhardaway@ymail.com .....also have ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind perfume?

\nIt is not science yet. It is the nose of the smeller. The French are very good at this and mixing natural flavors for their perfumes.

What is the science behind a perm?

\nIt has to do with the hair strands natural disulfide bonds being reduced and then re-oxidized after you have set hair in the desired curlers so that when the sulfide bonds reform they are in the shape that you want them to be.

What is the science behind nuclear energy?

The science behind nuclear energy involves getting the atomic nuclei of atoms to undergo changes and release energy. We know that setting conditions involves finding materials that will, under the right circumstances, undergo fission or fusion and "rearrange" their atomic nuclei. The fission or fusi ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind animal testing?

Stage 1: Human Cells - \nEarly tests are done on human cells grown in a \n\n\n\n\nlaboratory. Scientists try out different \n\n\n\n\nconcentrations of a possible new drug. They test it \n\n\n\non different types of body cells with the disease. \n\n\n\nThese tests check how well the chemical works \n ( Full Answer )

Science behind candles?

The wax in a candle turns to liquid as heat is supplied to it by the flame.The wax goes up the wick by capillary action and turns into vapour and than burns to form CO2 vapour and heat and light..

What is the science behind the gravity of Earth?

There is a very easy analogy for how gravity works. Everything in the universe takes place within spacetime. Imagine spacetime as a trampoline. Where mass exists, spacetime becomes curved, just like a trampoline would become curved if one were to place a bowling ball on it. We as people fall down th ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind mobile phones?

An oversimplification would be to say that mobile phones are nothing more than a radio transmitter and receiver operating at the same time and using a digital form of communication where a small radio time-slice is allotted to each conversation in the same cellular area. Your slice is repeated quick ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind fruit batteries?

The acid in an acidic fruit such as a lemon provides the acid much like the acid in a battery, and the copper wire and the galvanized nail works as the negative and positive poles. I hope this answers your question!!!

What is the science behind cars?

The science is the goat that drank the milk from the sacred Jew Jew tree and then he made the automobile ... the car from his sheep bladder.

What is the science behind recycling?

when we recycle, the particles of the substance is broken down. take the atom for example. we can break it into nothingness and shape it into whatever we feel. it is the same with recycling. for example paper comes from trees. you could either recycle all the writing and ink on the paper and make it ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind a lit candle?

The processes behind a lit candle are simple and should not be unnecessarily complicated. A candle is first lit with a matchbox. It causes the melting and evaporation of the wax. It is the vapours of this wax that gets burnt. So, the first doubt should be wiped out that it is not the candle wick but ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind roller coasters?

The science behind roller coasters is pretty simple. They actually go waaay back in history. Now at days, people use steel or metal to build it. They bolt it together and viola! A Roller Coaster! But one problem, the train that goes on it! The train that goes on it is a magnet and has wheels. The we ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind DNA tests?

The whole science behind it involves a process called agarose gel electrophoresis, which involves DNA being put on a buffer. First, a comb is placed on the left side of a box, on the negative side. Then, buffer is placed into the box until it cools and becomes solid, similar to frozen gel. Once cool ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind the computer?

The Roswell UFO Incident was the alleged recovery of extra-terrestrial (alien) debris, including corpses, from an object which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on or about July 8, 1947. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and the subject of conspirac ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind trampolines?

Trampolines use elastic collisions. The gravitational energy of the person bouncing is not sufficient to break the material, which rebounds to transfer energy back to the person. It also uses the effect called resonance, whereby inputs of energy can be combined to form increasing amplitudes. By ch ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind emotion?

All emotion stems from interactions with other humans or animals. If you were all alone in the world, you wouldn't be lonely, because you wouldn't even know there are things like you. You wouldn't be happy or sad, just neutral.

What is the science behind a shadow?

The shadow is lack of light which is caused by obstacles between the "light generator" (like the sun) and the shadowed surface.

What is the science behind the electric guitar?

The stings frequency varies depending on how short or long the string is when played. That frequency excites the magnetic poles and windings around it and sends small voltage signals to the amplifer that boosts the signal so you can hear it. Same concept as the telephone.

What are the science behind biomass?

If I ignore your horrible grammar, I think you're asking what biomass is/means... correct? Biomass is the dry mass of a once living organism. So biomass is the mass of an organism minus the weight of the water in/on the organism.

What is the science behind gymnastics?

Basically, your mom is your dad's sister. She made gymnastics when she made you. She is therefore a serious Eastman (Wasteman). GO AND DIE IN A HOLE.

What is the science behind wheelie?

all that happens is you pull up the handlebar and with enough balance and power the bike should carry on moving

What is the science behind motion detectors?

Motion detectors emit a beam (or beams) of Infra-Red light - which is invisible to the naked eye. This is reflected back to the detector by solid objects in the area. So long as the beam returns, the detector remains in a 'ready' state. However, if the beams are disturbed by anyone passing through t ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind nuclear energy both fission and fusion?

Fusion is the combination of two atomic nuclei into one, while fission is the separation of one nuclei into two. Nuclear power plants use fission, where a particle (neurton) is shot at an atomic nuclei to break it apart. In the breaking apart process some of the mass of the original atom is converte ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind breaks?

The science behind BRAKES is that you use friction to convert kinetic (moving) energy into heat energy to stop a vehicle.

What is the science behind a DNA test?

A DNA test works on two important principles. One, everyone's DNA is unique, except in the case of identical twins, and that all DNA that anyone has comes half from mother and half from father. Scientists cut the DNA with restriction enzymes and run it through a machine that separates the pieces rel ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind parasailing?

The science is that air keeps coming through the sail. That's why there are holes in the sail if you have ever noticed. It is like flying a big kite cause the rope it works like the string and you and the sail are the pretty part. Also it is a lot of fun so if you ever get the chance go for it.

What is the science behind mentoes and coke?

The many moon-like holes in a mento cause the ingredients in coke to form a bubble of gas where ever a hole is and a hole could make about 8 bubbles a second therefore expanding until it overflows. .

What is the science behind hydro energy of energy?

The Sun heats and evaporates water. Some of this water falls as rain and is collected behind dams. An amount of this water is released through passages in the dam and travels downhill and gains kinetic energy. The water then passes through a device such as a turbine which spins. Energy is extracted ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind hydro elecrity?

A dam holds back water, and then streams of water are directed through turbines which spin and create electricity. It's basically using the force of the falling water.

What is the science behind being gay?

That if your a boy you like penis and if your a girl you like vajina there is no science behind it its just that you like someone of the same sex. . Actually there are two most important reasons where i research on it ,,, No 1 ,,, An environment where at home the majority of gals and once boy and ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind the atomic bomb?

\n. The science is that of nuclear physics. By taking an unstable heavy substance, such as uranium or plutonium, and hitting it with neutrons, some of the material will break (fission) into lighter materials, releasing energy, and more neutrons, which in turn cause more material to fission. This ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind suction?

Suction is the reduction of pressure to create a force. In the instance of liquid, suction will cause the liquid to transfer from an area of higher pressure to the area of lower pressure.

What is the science behind a cake rising?

Self raising flour. Self raising flour has a small amount of "baking soda" (Sodium Bicarbonate aka bicarbonate of soda) added. This combines with acidic ingredients in the cake mix to produce millions of tiny carbon dioxide bubbles, which cause the cake to "rise". There is also a small amount of t ( Full Answer )

What is the science behind rainbow loom?

Science? There is no "science" to Rainbow Loom! You just make apattern on the loom board and when you loop it, all of the bandscome together. I hope this helps you!

What science is behind getting bio energy?

This would be a combination of scientific disciplines which woulddepend on the the type of bio energy you were trying to harness.These would include engineering , biology, physics, geology,meterology, mathematics, electronics amongst others.

What was the science behind Galileo's theory?

Some of his achievements were mathematically proving that earth andother planets orbited the sun and also improving the telescope toactually prove that theory. Now, of course he did much more, butthose are just some of the things he's most known for.

What is the science behind water purification?

Three ways: . Evaporation (boiling), when pure clean water rises assteam. . Physical and chemical treatment (filtering andchlorinating). . Pressure and reverse osmosis. Water is forced through membranesthat only allow pure water through.