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What is the scientific name for the California sea lion?

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Zalophus californianus

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The scientific or taxonomic name would be Zalophus californianus.

what eats a california sea lion

California sea lion was created in 1828.

Sea Lions belong to the family Otariidae.

Yes, the California Sea Lion is a mammal. See below.COMMON NAME: California sea lion, Galapagos sea lionKINGDOM: AnimaliaPHYLUM: ChordataCLASS: MammaliaORDER: PinnipediaFAMILY: OtariidaeGENUS SPECIES: Zalophus (lophus translates into crest) californianus

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Eumetopias jubatus.

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Phocarctos hookeri.

A California sea lion protects its self by hitting the predator with its tall.

CALIFORNIA sea lions live in CALIFORNIA!

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Otaria flavescens (formerly Otaria byronia).

Humans - The California sea lion is the sea lion seen in animal shows and circuses.

Sea lions can swim up to 25 miles an hour. This is the fastest recorded by a California sea lion, which is the fastest species of a sea lion.

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataSubphylum:VertebrataClass:MammaliaOrder:CarnivoraSuborder:Caniformia(unranked):PinnipediaTherefore seals are pinnipeds ( fin footed animals)

The scientific name of sea lilies are crinoid

The scientific name for sea-fans is Gorgonia.

Around the California seas (there is no such thing as the California seas)

The sea lion is a member of the Otariidae family. This represents a large group of critters, including some seals. Sea lion is a general term, and more specifics are required to gain more information. Wikipedia has some good information, and a link is provided.Otariidae

the scientific name of a sea turtle is chelonia mydas....

The scientific name for a sea otter is Enhydra lutris.

The scientific name for a sea pen is Ptilosarcus gurneyi