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The scientific name for the domestic dog is Canis lupis familiaris.

Scientific names consist of first the family name (first letter always capitalized) followed by the species name (always lowercase). The domesticated dog's subspecies is, "familiaris."

Because scientific names are based on Latin, they are always printed in italics. When abbreviating a scientific name where the context makes the family obvious, only the first letter of the family is used.

The Canis family consists of 7 species:

C. adustus

C. aureus

C. dirus

C. latrans

C. lupus

C. mesomelas

C. simensis

Dogs are a member of the species C. lupis (commonly called the grey wolf). Because are some genetic differences, as evidenced by the different appearance of dogs compared to various wolves and between the varieties of wolves themselves, there are many subspecies of the grey wolf. In the case of the dog, the subspecies is, "familiaris."

Other members of the species C. lupis include 30+ subspecies of wolves and the dingo.

* Canis Familiaris
Canis lupus familiaris or Canis lupus domesticus. It is Canis familiaris

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The scientific name for the domestic dog isCanis lupis familiaris.
They belong to the wolf family know was Canis Lupis. the familiaris is added because they are domesticated.
Canis lupus familiaris is the accepted scientific name of the pet dog. The word Canine comes from the latin trinomial of dog.
All dogs, regardless of breed, share the same scientific name: Canus lupus familiarus.
Canis lupus familiaris is the genus, species, and subspecies of domestic dogs.

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Q: What is the scientific name of the domestic dog?
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