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Hom sapiens

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Q: What is the scientific name to human species?
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What the scientific name for human pulse?


What is the scientific name for the human body?


What is the species known as the the wise human?

Homo sapiens which means wise human is the scientific name for human beings.

What is santific name give two examples?

I think you meant a scientific name. A scientific name is the two-part name used to refer to a species. For example:Homo sapiens is the scientific name of the human species.Felis catus is the scientific name of the housecat species.Loxodonta africana is the scientific name of the African elephant species.Quercus alba is the scientific name of the white oak species.

How you write a scientific name?

in a scientific name, the genus comes first and then comes the species. The genus and species are the scientific name.

What is the term scientists use for the human subspecies?

All human subspecies are named with the scientific classification of the genus, "homo", followed by the scientific name of the species, whichever one it may be.

What are two names are included in the scientific name of an organism?

genus and species

What are Bolitoglossa oresbia scientific name?

Bolitoglossa oresbia is the scientific name. It is the scientific name for a species of salamander.

What is the meaning of the second name in the scientific name of an animal or a plant?

The second name in a scientific name is the species name. (The first name represents the genus.)

What are the scientific and English names of the rabbit?

There are many species of rabbit, and each species has its own common name (in English and other languages) and its own scientific name.Pet rabbits are called European Rabbits (their common species name) and Oryctolagus cuniculus (their scientific species name).

What is a species identifier?

A species name is a scientific name with two parts: the genus name followed by the species identifier. It is written in italics with the genus name capitalized. (The human species name is Homo sapiens. The species identifier is the second part of the species name (and it's lower-case)

What makes up a scientific name?

New species are scientifically named in a process that can take a long time. Each species is given a species name, a genera, a family and an order. As of 2014, more than 1.9 million species have been discovered and named in this way.