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this process is called evaporation

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Q: What is the scientific term for the process of water turning to steam?
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Scientific name for steam to water?

Actually steam is water. Just tiny tiny droplets of water. But the answer I think you're looking for is condensation which is the process of water vapor (not steam) which is a gas cools down and condenses into water.

Is steam turning into water chemical or physical?

Chemical changes are those in which the chemical composition of a substance changes during the process. But when steam turns into water or vice versa, only the physical state of the substance undergoes a change but the chemical composition remains same. Thus steam turning into water is a physical change.

What do you call a liquid when it's turning in to a gas?

There is no name for it, the substance is either a liquid or a gas ( like water or steam), there is no inbetween, the process of turning a liquid into a gas is called evaporation and the process of turning a gas into a liquid is called condesation.

What is steam turning into water?

a substance that is in its gaseous state, like water that has been turned into steam.

What are the steps of turning steam to gas?

Steam is a gas. It is water vapor - so water in the gaseous state.

If water is boiled will it turn into water vapor or steam?

When you boil water, a lot of air-bubbles appears on the surface. it is the water turning into steam.

What is the name for the process in which steam to water?

The Process from......Steam to Water is condensationWater to Steam is evaporationWater to Ice is FreezingIce to Water is MeltingHope that helps..... :)

The change from water to steam is?

water changes to steam by the process called evaporation

What is the process of water vapor turning back into water?

Water vapor turning into water is a gas changing into a liquid. This process is known as condensation.

How are scientists turning salt water into fresh water?

they boil water then collect the steam in different ways

Five letter word meaning To convert into vapor?

A five letter word which means to convert into vapor is steam. It is the process of heating or boiling water and turning it into vapor.

What do you called the hot gas or water vapor?

The process of water turning into gas (water vapor) is called evaporation.Heating water into water vapor is called boiling. High-temperature water vapor is called steam.The water has become water vapor.