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What is the scope for a veterinarian who did MBA after his bvsc?


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There is much more scope for a Veterinarian after MBA.

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the BVSc degree is none less than MBBS .the difference being in the importance given by the society. but being a veterinarian ,i feel thar the BVSc degree is quite a long 5 yrs degree . there should be entrance examination for its admission but the scope of the field should be extended . the unnecessary courses should be removed .

Hi,After MBA there is a lot of scope which you can get. MBA is a course which is related to business management studies. If you have a business, then MBA is the right choice to carry forward your business. One can also work in an MNC after doing MBA. the scope and avenues is vast.

There is no scope buddy....try Marketing/Finance

Yes - to become a veterinarian (veterinary surgeon) you require a BVSc, DVM, or equivalent degree.

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A BVSc is a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, a bachelor's degree for studies in veterinary science in the United Kingdom and some other countries, which allows someone to be a veterinarian in the United States if the degree is conferred from an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited school and if the candidate passes the NAVLE exam.

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BVSC is a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and MACVSc is a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Sciences.

An MBA is a master's degree of business administration. It has no paper, and very little real, relation to the field of biochemistry.

It is a good idea to do MBA in production after B pharmacy. MBA is like a finishing degree and whatever be your graduation degree you can opt for the final degree in MBA.

The MBA a degree that demonstrates the person has a higher knowledge of business principles and concepts. Getting into a MBA program requires a high GPA and high scores on the GMAT.

It depends on your interest and a lot of other factors, but generally speaking MBA has greater scope and can give you higher salary.

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In most countries you will need a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, which you complete after an undergraduate science degree. Some countries only require a 4 year bachelor degree - usually called the BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science).

Yes u can....infact it will provide u better job opportunities

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