What is the scrap metal from a car worth?

Unfortunately very little.

Iron, which makes up quite a bit of a modern Car, is only worth about 10 cents a pound. And most cars way between 2 and 4 thousand pounds.

Alluminum is what most of non-body components are made of I.e. your engine, carborator all that good stuff. (note that it's an aluminum alloy, not pure aluminum) and aluminum, is worth about $1.08 a pound. I'm not sure exactly how much weight these various parts add up to. my guess would be no more than 600 pounds(if that).

This is all based off of current stock prices, and General Car knowledge, but if I did the math correctly you'll be looking at about.

$750-$1100 (in the luckiest possible scenario) in Scrap metal for a standard car. Older cars are probably worth the higher end because they're heavier, and thus have more metal.

As of May 31 2011 - if you separate your metals you can get these typical prices

Clean Auto Radiators$1.85

Unclean Auto Rads$1.35

Clean Aluminum Rads$0.67

Unclean Aluminum Rads$0.32

Copper/Aluminum Rads$1.65

Unclean Co/AL Rads$1.15

Heater Cores$1.55



Torque Converters$3.00



Soft Lead$0.55

Wheel Weights$0.41

Whole car bodies will net you around $240 per car body.