What is the script for charlie the unicorn 3?

[Charlie: Ahgh, what now. Pink: Charlie, it's happening. Charlie: huh, whats happening, whats going on? Blu: youtube live charlie. Pink: it's where the internet and real life combine. Blu: in 3D. Nieey, Nieeeeeey, Nieeeeeeeeeeeey. Charlie: oh my god, if the internet leaks in to real life, everywhere you look, fat guys will be falling over in slow motion, cats will be doing people things, rick astley will make a comeback! Blu: never gonna give u up . Pinkk: never gonna let u down. Blu:it has begun. Charlie:oh my god, its raining chocolate. Rick A.: ohhmunnfmunhf. Charlie: it's rick astley , ruuuun! Blu: horay for the collapse of civiliztion. Pink: down with democracy. Charlie: wat is wrong wif u 2? ( the blu and pink go all Russian) Blu: oyo syoto notcho dlocey . Pink:oh douco carlio nautchey. Charlie: hay, what happend, oh good, youtube has gone into maintenence mode. for now were safe. Pink: where also, no strangers 2 luv. Charlie: no don't do that, he'll come back. Blu: u know the rules. Rick A.: and so do i, bluaaaaahh. Charlie: ahhhhhhhh! Blu: ahhhhhhhh! Pink:domy vitchey!]
the above was written by someone else and that's not charlie the unicorn three either, that's a promo. a full length script to the real charlie the unicorn three hasn't been put on the internet yet because people like you who want it havent been bothered to write it all down.
The other dude is wrong if you're looking for Underwater adventures. I don't know but I know that other dude is wrong anyway.
I have most of the script done! Go to:
You can find the full script for 'Charlie the Unicorn 3' at: http://youtube.wikia.com/wiki/Charlie_the_unicorn_3