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above sea level

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Q: What is the sea level of a tundra?
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How does Tundra affect the rest of the world?

Tundra, glaciers and sea ice will melt, contributing to global sea level rises.

What is the altitude of the alpine tundra?

+3500 meters above sea level

What are the coordinates for subartic talga?

In the tundra, winters are long and summers are short. During the winter. The tundra is located 1,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level.

Do sea lions live in tundra?

I'm no expert, but sea lions can live in tundra. I hope I helped!

Is the tundra also located in the south pole?

No. Tundra implies growing seasons. The South Pole is occupied by about two-miles thick of ice and the land beneath the ice sheet is below sea level.

Which is Farther North The Tundra or the Taiga?

Both. But mostly Taiga. Tundra is on the sides of Alaska. The sides where it is closer to the sea.

What desert is located above the tundra?

There is no desert above the tundra. Instead, there is Arctic sea ice.

What is the salinity level in the tundra?

The level is 2 tons per quater

What is the oxygen level in tundra?

the oxygen is 10%

What are the tundra biome plants?

seaweed , coral, sea annenime

What is a second level consumer in the tundra biome?

the notebook

A level, treeless plain in Artic areas.?