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the spinosaurus was the biggest and the second biggest was the giganotosaurus

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The biggest meat eating dinosaur?


What was the biggest meat-eating dinosaur?


Was Giganotosaurus the biggest meat eating dinosaur?

No. The largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered so far is the Spinosaurus.

How does the fossil record provide evidence for the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction?

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction was a giant asteroid that hit Earth and killed many organisms. It formed giant dust clouds and enough heat to cause a worldwide fires. The fossils of the dead organisms gave out a story to the scientists who were researching them. For example, a meat-eating dinosaur ate a plant-eating dinosaur during the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction. Soon after the meat-eating dinosaur ate the plant-eating dinosaur, the meat-eating dinosaur died. The fossil of the plant-eating dinosaur and the meat-eating dinosaur told a story to the scientist about what the meat-eating dinosaur did to the other dinosaur; then the other story to the meat-eating dinosaur. You're welcome :) -Ashley G

What is a meat eating dinosaur?

Honey, A meat eating dinosaur is obversiouly a dinosaur that eats MEAT!!!!!! dahhhhhhh Example: T-rex, Raptor, Spinosaurus, teradactle WATCH JURASSIC PARK.

What is the biggest meat eating dinosaur ever to live?

its not Tyrannosaurus REX it giganotosaurus .... in Argentina... Patagonian could not remember

Which meat eating dinosaur starts with the letter t?

well, Tarbosaurus was one of the meat eating tyrannosaurids, as for the dromaeosaurids, Tianyuraptor would be one.

What was the biggest meat eating dinosaur?

Spinosaurus was the Longest meat eating dinosaur. It was 17 meters long and weighed 8 tons. The heaviest meat eating dinosaur was Carcharodontosaurus. It was 12,5 long and weighed 10,5 tons.Tyrannosaurus was the biggest meat-eating and 2nd longest meat eating dinosaurThe largest known sea-based carnivore was Megalodon, measuring 90 feet in length.The largest land-based carnivore was Giganotosaurus, but Spinosaurus may have been about 7 feet bigger, but all spinosaurus remains were destroyed in Munich, during a WWII bombing raid.(edited by "j3l2404" 9/13/09 6:53 pm)

What is the biggest meat eating dinosaur?

the spinosaurus wich is 60ft. , the T-rex is only 40ft. so its a lot bigger

Which sauropod was too big to be frightened by a large meat eating dinosaur like spinosaurus?

Argentinosaurus the biggest sauropod on earth

What is the tallest meat eating dinosaur?


What was the tallest meat eating dinosaur?


What was the smallest meat eating dinosaur ever?

The smallest meat-eating dinosaur ever was Microraptor, at 2 feet long and lighter than a turkey.

What is China's Largest meat eating dinosaur?


What is the largest meat eating dinosaur?

Tyrannosaurus rex

What was china's largest meat eating dinosaur?


What did the megalosourus eat?

The Megalosaurus was a meat eating dinosaur.

What do you call a meat and plant eating dinosaur?


Which is the most feared meat eating dinosaur?

the mouse

Where is the safest place for a duck billed dinosaur to hide from the meat eating dinosaur?

in deep water :)

Did Pachycephalososaurus eat meat?

No, Pachycephalosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur.

Any meat eating dinosaur that start with a j?


Is the triceratops a meat eating dinosaur?

no it was a carnivore or plant eater

Name a well-known meat-eating dinosaur that starts with a letter t?

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a well-known meat-eating dinosaur. It begins with the letter t.

Dinosaur called Apatosaurus a meat eater or plant eater?

Apatosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur (the term for a plant-eating creature is an herbivore)

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