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What is the secret of true love between two females Lesbians?


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August 09, 2008 9:13PM

There is no "secret" to true love. Love is love whether it be gay, bi, straight love, it's all love. There are really no "secrets" or "tips" or "tricks" to it. Love is the most complicated four letter word to ever be uttered. It surpasses all things and encompasses a whole range of ideas, situations, and the like.

No one can tell you what "true love" is. The only advice I can give is LOVE this person to the fullest. Love this person to the best of your ability and do your best to show this person that you love them.

All relationships are going to have their ups and downs, the key is to learn when to give in, when to stand your grounds, when to compromise or not. Love and Relationship is a 50/50 situation, it's always give and take, you have to take the good with the bad, you have to give you all and respect yourself and the one you love. It is impossible for any two people to live their entire lives together and NEVER disagree on anything. It's those times that LOVE is what you rely on to keep your relationship strong. You have to learn when to say what you need and when to shut up and listen. 3 good keys to a relationship are