What is the sensitive cone-shaped end of the penis called?


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The glans penis


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The bulbous portion at the end of the penis is called the glans.

Yes we do - it's the sensitive opening to the urinary tract at the end of the penis.

The distal end of the penis is called the "glans penis" or sometimes just the "glans".

Yes, you can, and most men love it since the head and the foreskin are the most sensitive parts of the penis. The section where the mucous tissue changes to the skin that looks like the trunk of the penis is the most sensitive area on a mans body. this is the very end of the foreskin when the penis is soft. In fact, an uncircumcised male has more sensation in his penis than circumcised men, although, that does not necessarily mean he has more sexual pleasure.

An "uncut" penis is uncircumcised; that is, the foreskin is intact. The end of an uncircumcised ("uncut") penis is covered by a tubular flap of skin called the "foreskin." When the penis becomes erect, the foreskin draws back to expose the head of the penis.

bell end my gf says old school bell........babys arm clutching an eyed willy........the above note helpful the glans penis (or simply glans) is the sensitive bulbous structure at the distal end of the penis. It is also commonly referred to as the "head" of the penis. Slang terms include "helmet", "nob" (or "knob"), and "bell end", and all refer to its distinctive shape. The glans penis is anatomically homologous to the glans clitoris of the female. When the penis is flaccid it is wholly or partially covered by the foreskin, except in men who have been circumcised. The foreskin serves to protect this delicate mucous membrane covered structure. wikepedia

Deep insertion leads to direct physical impact of penis end on the female cervix which is quite sensitive. This leads to increased sensation of pain particularly if the penis length is significantly more or it is inserted from behind .

The same way girls get pleasure from sex, by doing it with the opposite sex. on the end of ur penis where the urine comes out is very sensitive and it rubs on her vagina x

this is a slang expression for the the end or the glans of a circumcised penis. IE a penis that has had the prepuce (foreskin) removed from it. Or the glans of the penis. So you might be able to say something like "I can fell my bell end under my foreskin" if the penis is intact.

Penises are formed out of several tissues. On the inside, there are three shafts of something called "erectile tissue": this tissue, when it fills with blood, expands a great deal, and this is how penises become erect. These three shafts are surrounded surround by normal ligament and skin tissues (although the skin of the penis has a lot of extra nerve endings). Running through the center of the penis is the urethra, a tube through which both urine and semen are moved out of the body. The tip or head of the penis is a special formation called the glans penis; this head is formed of erectile tissue and has a large number of nerve endings and is very sensitive. The meatus or tip of the penis at the very end. Men who are not circumcised have a foreskin, a sheath of skin that protects the glans penis when the penis is not erect. The penis also has several glands that excrete hormones, skin oils, and smegma.

that would be Brad Pitt's penis.

It's long with a rough-looking ball-like head (called the glans penis) at the end, kinda like a man's penis (only the man's glans is much smoother). A stallion's penis can measure up to 3 feet in length and is around 6 inches in diameter.

That's not a realistic concern .Self preservation would prevent it and the sensitive part is at the end so it's not necessary anyway.Wait on sex until you have no more questions like this and then you should be ready.

Actually, the penis goes into the vagina itself. What you see on the outside of the body is called the vulva. The vagina is towards the back/base of the vulva (genital area), and the end closest the anus.

Their urethra. In males, the urethra follows the underside of the penis and ends at the hole in the end of the penis.

6 inches, if measured from the top of the penis is on the upper end of average.

The glans penis, commonly called the bell end or knob end, can vary in colour from person to person, various shades of red and purple, dusky pink and pale bluish are all pretty common.

The Top Bald End of a penis

Yes. Pee comes out of it.

The end of the corpus spongiosum is enlarged and bulbous-shaped forming the glans penis.

The urethra is a tube that originates in the bladder and runs through the penis to the urethral opening at the end of the penis.

When the new planet McPenis collides with Venus we will get a phenomenon called a Valvenus Penis. This will happen on July 12 2010

yes and will end with an end product of about 7 inches.

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