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What is the sequence of the head bolts and how many pounds of torque is required for replacing them on a 1996 Ford Aspire?

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Headgasket Replacement Info.

  1. Remove the cylinder head bolts (10).
  2. Remove the cylinder head and gasket from the engine.

Fig. 1: Remove the front engine lift hangers ...

Fig. 2: ... and the rear engine lift hangers from the cylinder head

Fig. 3: Unfasten the engine ground strap bolt and separate the strap from the cylinder head

Fig. 4: Unfasten the cylinder head bolts

Fig. 5: Remove the cylinder head from the engine compartment

Fig. 6: Remove the old cylinder head gasket and discard it

Fig. 7: Place rags or paper towels in the cylinder bores before scraping old gasket material from the block

Fig. 8: Use the gasket scraper to clean all dirt and gasket residue from the cylinder head
To install: The cylinder head must be cleaned and inspected before installation. Please refer to the ENGINE RECONDITIONING procedures later in this section.
  1. Use a scraper to clean any old gasket material residue from the cylinder head gasket mating surfaces.

Fig. 9: The cylinder head gasket must match exactly with the shape of the cylinder head
The cylinder head gasket has marks on one of its edges that match the shape of the cylinder head; when the gasket is installed, these marks must align properly before cylinder head installation.
  1. Install a new gasket and place the cylinder head in position.
  2. Install NEW cylinder head bolts and tighten them with a torque wrench in the sequence illustrated and also in the following order:
    • First pass: 35-40 ft. lbs. (50-60 Nm)
    • Second pass: 56-60 ft. lbs. (75-81 Nm).

Fig. 10: Tighten the cylinder head bolts in the order shown to the proper specification

Fig. 11: Use a torque wrench when tightening the cylinder head bolts
  1. Install the water bypass tube or hose and bracket.
  2. Connect the upper radiator hose and engage the clamp.
  3. Fasten all wire harness connectors.
  4. Attach the engine ground wire, then install the front and rear engine lift hangers.
  5. Install the distributor.
  6. Install the intake and exhaust manifolds.
  7. Install the timing belt.
  8. Install the valve cover.
  9. Connect the spark plug wires to the plugs.
  10. Fill the cooling system and install the radiator cap.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable.
  12. Start the engine and check for leaks, especially when it reaches operating temperature.
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