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How long will the shell of a gunite pool last?

There are lots of pools made with gunite or shotcrete that are 50+ years old. As there are many inground pools of all types built in the 1970's still full of family fun times. With first finishes, and equipment 30 years old. I often for example see old heaters still working that were built in the early 1970's. Sure there are much more efficent units today.

Who would think of taking that 1963 Chevy for a spin to work everyday,or even with the family on vacation? A great show piece but no safety glass, no airbags, 8 mpg,drum brakes,no crumple zones and plenty of emmissions, without headrests, and only a lapbelt to keep safe.

Pools can be refinished just like any other item of your home. Your finish, underground Plumbing, and other parts of your pool are going to last longer today then days of old, simply because many products are built better. A good example are the additives of todays Concrete being one of them.

Your preventitive maintenance is going to play a big part of how long something is going to last as you well know, as is the quality of the product, what your willing to pay for quality will have an effect. Look far past the price as usual.

Ask your pool professional he can show you many new high quality swimming pool products, along with energy efficent equipment and meet a varity of budgets.

Here is an interesting example of high tech pool equipment, did you know there is now a new pump for your residential pool, that is so energy efficent compared to past available models it will save owners in high cost electric areas like the west coast $100.00 or more per month guaranteed from the largest mfgr in the industry.

You can't still buy that new 1963 Chevy, but you can still buy a new pool heater for example built exactly the same as it was in 1963 and that's a real fact. You saved up front and the family will be disappointed when they have to swim in their long underware cause you cant afford the heat tab.

See your pro pool dealer for the good stuff.

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Q: What is the serviceable life of the gunite shell portion of a pool?
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