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Q: What is the setting in 'Among the Hidden' by Margaret Peterson Haddix?
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What influenced Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Margaret Peterson Haddix was inspired to write by her father! Her books are phenomenal, even the among the hidden series and uprising!

Who wrote Among the hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix

What genre is Among the hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?


What is the copyright date of Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?


What is the conflict in Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

JUSt because

What is lukes new name in the book among the hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Lee Grant

Where can you read among the hidden?

Among the Hidden is a novel Margaret Peterson Haddix. You could possibly be able to read it at your local library.

Who wrote the book Among The Hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote Among the Hidden. She also wrote the 6 or 7 other books.

Falling action of Among the Hidden?

The falling action in Among the Hidden is when Luke visits Jen's home, and discovers that the rally was not only unsuccessful, but it failed miserably. Among the Hidden was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

What is the name of the second book of the missing series by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Among the imposters I think. The first one is among the hidden. I'd that's the series u r talking about.

What is the conflict in 'Among the Hidden' by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

The conflict in Margaret Peterson Haddix's book "Among the Hidden" is that Luke is the thrid child of his family, and by law each family is suppose to have only two children. As Luke grows up he has to have a different identity, so the conflict is between Luke and his parents because he doesn't want his life to be a lie. While his parents are making sure he doesn't get caught he meets another child that is third in her family and her name is Jen.

What are some of the books that have the same author as the among the hidden series?

Margaret Peterson Haddix has written the Hidden series, Into the Gauntlet (a 39 Clues book), Palace of Mirrors, Double Identity, Escape from Memory, and Just Ella, among others.

How is among the hidden science fiction?

Among the Hidden is a dystopian science fiction novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Imagine a world where there is severe penalties for a third child. Third children are to be killed and anyone harboring them is also subject to death.

What is an example of figurative language in Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

One example is He hadn't left the house in over a week now, and he could Almost hear the outdoors calling to him. This was on page 12 and this is a metaphor :)

What is Margaret Peterson Haddix's aword wining books?

She is an American writer born in Ohio. Her famous books includes Shadow Children, The Missing, The 39 Clues, Among the Hidden, Among the Brave, etc.

What are some quotes from among the hidden?

"He had never disobeyed the order to hide. Even as a toddler,barely able to walk in the backyardstall grass ,he had somehow understood the fear in his mothers voice." pg.1 -among the hidden/Margaret Peterson haddix

What is the theme of the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

The theme is to entertain with a story about a time in which families can only have 2 children but a lot of families have 3. The third child is known as the shadow child because no one knows about them.

What are some books by Margaret Peterson?

If you were talking about Margaret Peterson Haddix, then:Running out of Timethe Among the Hidden seriesAmong the hidden is a great series the best series i have ever read!! Right now i am on the 6th book, Among the enemy. I finsished most of the books in a day or two. The series is Among the hidden, Among the impostors, Among the Betrayed, Among the Barons, Among the brave, Among the enemy and finally Among the Free.

When was the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson first published?

Among the Hidden was first published in 1998.

Why did Margaret Peterson Haddix write among the hidden?

she wrote among the hidden because the shadow series ended up being a hit. The Shadow series was a suspenseful, mysterious, and thrilling book that many people enjoyed. She was looking to make another hit series like the shadow series. I guess you could say she was successful.

Books by Margaret P Haddix?

Her books are The Missing Series, the Hidden Series, and lots of others. You can find them all if you go to

Is Margaret Petersons first book 'found'?

No way! She has written lots of other books. Her series, The Shadow Children, is awesome! The first one entitled, Among The Hidden, will really hook you!Margaret Peterson Haddix's first book is "Running Out of Time". The first book out of her "The Missing" series is "Found".lol.-3angelsisters-

What book by Margaret haddix is the best?

The last book in the Among the hidden series. it's awesome! But you'll have to read the entire series to understand it. Also the missing series by Haddix too. I haven't read the entire thing myself but I've read some and its really good!

Who is the author of Among the Hidden?


Other titles by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Sent,Among the betreayed,Among the barrons,Among the enemy,Among the imposters,Running out of time,Don't you dare read this Mrs.DunphreyAmong the hidden,Turnabout,Just Ella,Because of Anya,Say what?,Escape from memory,Among the brave,Leaving fishers,The House in the golf,Double identity,Among the free,Dexter the tough,Uprising and more.