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What is the setup that provides a basis of comparison in an experiment?

The contol

What is experimental setup?

were you setup your own experiment

2 kinds of setup in an experiment?

control and experimental setup

Why is control setup necessary in an experiment?

Without controlled setup in an experiment. How can the researcher know his data is comparable for study?

What is the variable setup in an experiment?


What is The variable setup in the experiment?

I need to know to

What is the variable setup in an experiment called?

Independent variable

What is used to separate the setup for an experiment from the surroundings?


What do control setup and experimental setup have in common?

Everything except what you're measuring. EXAMPLE: In a biological experiment using specially treated cells the experiment is run with the cells; this is the experiment. Then the experiment is run again with the same cells WITHOUT the special treatment; this is the control.

What is the importance of a control setup in a scientific experiment?


What is the part of an experiment called that contains the variable?

The experimental setup

What is the purpose of the control setup?

To have something to compare the rest of the experiment to

How does the control setup in an experiment differ from the other setups in the same experiment?

It differs in the one variable being tested

Why can only green plants make food of plants?

In the conduct of the experiment, two steps are tested.One setup is called the experimental setup.

What is experiment set-up?

An experiment setup us describes the preparations done pre-experiment. It involves gathering and preparing everything just before doing the actual experiment.

What does experimental setup mean?

An experimental setup is one that is done as a test or experiment to see if something works. These are done in business all the time.

What is the purpose of a control setup in an experiment?

A control setup is something where you know how it will behave. It gives you a reference to measure affect of all other variables.

What is the control setup of an experiment?

only 1 parameter, or, variable, is manipulated at a time

What is a control setup in an experiment?

A control setup is basically, under the most perfect environment for what ever you want to happen. e.g. a plant growth experiment, control test would be water, the plants would be under a UV light, and the plants would be watered regularly.

An experiment setup in which the independent variable is not present is called the?

When conducting experiments in science, it is important to have a baseline for knowing what happens if an independent variable is not present. In science, this is called the control experiment.

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answer file

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