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What is the shape of a snowflake?

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Well, every snowflake has its own shape but none of them are the same so, the shape of a snowflake is different every time

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What is unique about every snowflake?

their shape, each snowflake has a unique shape.

How does temperature affect the shape of a snowflake?

because it changes the melting and refreezing of the snowflake, changing the shape.

What kind of geometric shape is a snowflake?

A snowflake would be an irregular figure.

How does a snowflake get its shape?

It depends on the air temperature and the water vapor when the snowflake forms.

How math is related to math 3D snowflake?

it is related because a snowflake is a symmetrical shape

What are the steps of a snowflake forming?

The snowflake is water that turns in to ice and comes down in a different shape.

What are basic snowflake shapes?

There is no basic shape to a snowflake; it is just a molecule of different elements from clouds.

Is each snowflake always a different shape?

They fall in Different shape but they are the same shape

What is the shape of all snowflakes?

there is no one shape of a snowflake they are all different in there own way

Define organic shape?

a shape that is found in nature with irregular edges or side.ex: snowflake

How many branches does a snowflake have?

A snowflake normally has six sides which are also known as branches. All snowflakes take the shape of a hexagon.

How does the temperature affect the shape of a snowflake?

well if a snowflakes melts at 80 degrees then the snowflake will be a puddle of water. So the temperature has to be a reasonable freezing point to keep the shape structured together. your welcome <3 :))

Mathematics involved in snowflake?

maths involved in making a 3d snowflake is:when we cut the pieces....we cut them in square shapeswhen we cut the folded triangle..we cut symmetricallywhen the snowflake is ready..it is very symmetrical in shapeorigami is used in making this 3d snowflake.....which was used in designing shapes in ancient times.

What shape looks like a hexagon?

A hexagon is a polygon with six sides. A snowflake is generally hexagonal.

What shape are snowflakes?

snowflakes are shaped like stars

Does the temperature affect how snowflakes are formed?

Yes, it does! it affects the size and shape of the ice crystals that make up a snowflake. if the temperature is colder,it affects bigger and heavier ice crystals, therefore changing the snowflake!

What is 'snowflake' in Romanian?

Fulg de zăpadă is a Romanian equivalent of 'snowflake'.

Where is the Snowflake Heritage Foundation in Snowflake Arizona located?

The address of the Snowflake Heritage Foundation is: 1020 W Flake Ave, Snowflake, AZ 85937-5093

Why is a snowflake called a snowflake?

Because it is a flake of snow

How do you say snowflake in German?

The snowflake is "die Schneeflocke".

How many spokes does a snowflake have?

A snowflake has six spokes.

Is a snowflake a natural form?

A snowflake is a natural form.

Define the term snowflake baby?

what is a "snowflake baby"

How many fingers does a snowflake have?

there are 12 fingers on a snowflake.

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