What is the shape of the earth?

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The earth is often thought of as spherical (like a ball), but it is closer to being an oblate spheroid. An oblate spheroid is a sphere that is slightly bulged along the 'equator'. We can create a reference oblate spheroid, a theoretical closest fit to earth, and the over-all tolerance between the actual geoid, the earth itself, and the reference oblate spheroid is extremely close-- even closer than the tolerance allowable in billiard balls. See the article for more details and specific measurements.
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How do plate tectonics shape the earth?

When plate tectonics run into each other they create force whichcauses the mountain to have a big lump. eg: if i layed clay in themiddle of two blocks and i squished it together its going to createforce which makes my clay lumpy like a mountain or a tsunami oranything else that's on that line. .

What shapes the earth?

water. ______________. Basically, gravity shapes the earth. During the time that it was acquiring more and more mass from the disk of materials in its path, it reached a point where simply by the weight of its own components it began to collapse into a shape that was more and more sphere-like. Thi ( Full Answer )

How does water shape the earth?

Water shapes the earth by erosion. Erosion is when water loosens upthe soil and causes it to become loose and separates from riverbanks and from the sides of mountains.

What is the shape of Earth?

Short Answer: Earth is an oblate spheroid, slightly bulged at the equator. (0.3%) Centrifugal force and gravity together are responsible for theshape of the earth. Explanation: If the Earth were not rotating, it would only have gravity pullingall of its parts together and that tends to form a ( Full Answer )

What is the true shape of earth?

The true shape of the earth is oblate spheriod. This means that the Earth is slightly flattened at the poles and slightly bulging at the Equator.

How does deposition change the shape of the earth?

It doesn't really change the shape of the earth in a whole, but i does kinda can the shape of one area. Deposition is the depositing of sediment to build up layers. So it will make a certain area have thicker ground.

Why earth is spherical in shape?

That is due to gravity. Any large deviation from a spherical shape - such as a mountain that is more than a few kilometers high - would be squashed down by gravity.

Describe the shape of the earth?

the shape of the earth is not flat. it has a spherical shape. its slightly flattened at the poles to give a nearly spherical shape hence; the earth's shape is better described as a geoid which means the earth's shape

How rivers shape the earth?

They cut through valleys and down mountains and cause the soil to move aside. Sometimes they can meander back and forth. Here are the 3 things that are involved in helping to make a river: . EROSION . DEPOSITION . WEATHERING

What is the correct name for the shape of the earth?

It is not an actual sphere.This is since that when the earth turns on its axis so quickly for twenty four hours ,the poles seem a bit flat and the sides east and west are bit rounder.It is an OBLATE SPHERE !

How did earth get its shape?

In a word..Gravity. First off dust particles accumulate which increases their mass and therefore increases the gravitational pull. This attracts larger bits and so on and so forth until either the object runs out of material to attract or is assimilated into another, yet larger object with a greater ( Full Answer )

Why is the Earth shaped like a sphere?

Simple Answer: The Earth has a spherical shape because of gravity. Each tiny bit of the Earth is attracted to every other bit of the Earth. The force of gravity pulls everything together and the only shape that leaves no part with the possibility of getting any closer to any other part is the sha ( Full Answer )

What shaped the earth?

The gravitational magnetic field surrounding the earth is what shaped the Earth into a perfect sphere. Others argue that God shaped the Earth.

Is the Earth elliptical in shape?

The Earth is not technically an ellipse since an ellipse is a planar figure. But one can ask if the Earth is an ellipsoid, which is a 3-dimensional figure. The Earth's shape is usually described as an oblate spheroid, which means its diameter is greater through the equator than from pole to pole. ( Full Answer )

What are the geological forces that shape the Earth?

Geologic forces that shape the Earth are weathering and erosion (from wind, ice, water, and gravity) and the results of plate tectonics (volcanism, earthquakes, mountain building, subduction, crust creation).

What is the earths shape called?

the shape of the earth is called an oblate spheroid. the answer is from wikipedia. it is also called an ellipsoid.

What factors caused the shape of the earth?

1. weathering . -physical and/or chemical 2. erosion . -different agents of weathering 3. mass movement . -land and mud slides 4. tectonic plate movement . -convergent and/or divergent 5. gravity

What shape is the Earth the Sun and the moon?

Simple answer - They are sphere's . Relatively simple answer - They are oblate spheroids . Complex answer. The Earth and Moon are oblate spheroids (The Earth to a greater effect), whereas the Sun is a gaseous body so it experiences an extended oblate spheroid property.

What is tha shape of earth?

The more common answer would be that the earth is a sphere. However, this isn't quite true. To be completely precise, the earth would have to be described as an irregular oblate spheroid . An oblate spheroid, in planetary terms, is a sphere-like figure whose equator is stretched relative to its pol ( Full Answer )

Is the earth pear shaped or spherical?

The earth is slightly pear shaped the north pole radius is 44mm longer than the south pole radius i hope that answered your question. I had an assignment today with the question what shape is the earth sounds like a stupid question that a teacher would ask a twelve year old because he is a social st ( Full Answer )

What shape are the earth and moon?

Ignoring stuff like mountains, almost perfect spheres. Because of spin, the polar diameter is slightly less than the equatorial diameter (oblateness).

Why the Earth is shaped as it is?

The earth is not perfectly round, but very slightly flattened at the poles, and with a very slight bulge at the equator - the shape is called "oblate". It is caused by the earths rotation on it's axis. Jupiter, which rotates much faster than the earth has even more pronounced bulging at the equato ( Full Answer )

What shape is the earth and the moon?

Spherical. They are approximately spheres. The earth is more of an oblate sphere, a squashed sphere - this is due to its spin.

Is the earth a perfectly shaped sphere?

If you count the atmosphere then yeah, maybe. you always have to consider the little bit of debree that might be there if there is any at all. But the Earth itself isn't a perfect sphere. Just think about the mountains and stuff, rough terrain, the different sea levels. Think about it.

Why is the earth is not perfect shape?

The rotation of the Earth produces centrifugal force, which causes the equator to bulge. The Earth therefore has the shape of an oblate spheroid.

How does floods shape the earth?

Floods move the earth(soil) and deposits it at another location. this process changes the shape of the land

What things affect the shape of the earth?

The main thing is gravity which makes the Earth more or less spherical. The Earth has a small "bulge" at the equator because of its rotation. I suppose this question might be about what things affect the shape of the Earth's surface . In that case it's things such as tectonic plate movement, ( Full Answer )

Is the earth is elliptical in shape?

The shape of the Earth is actually a rather complex figure called ageoid, which just means "Earth-shaped". It's roughly an ellipsoid(which is itself pretty close to a sphere), but one where thesouthern hemisphere bulges just a tiny more than the northern one,making it very slightly pear-shaped (with ( Full Answer )

What shapes are the earth moon and space?

Shape of the earth and the moon is round (spherical) . AlthoughSceintists have differtent onpinion about the shape of the space,it is believed that shape of space is flat (according toFriedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) model ).