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What is the shelf life of eggs?


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The shelf life of eggs depends on proper handling and storage. If eggs are clean and kept refrigerated, they can last as long as 6 months. Many eggs in the store are at least a month old while sitting on the shelf. My experience shows that 6 and 7 month old eggs are still good when kept refrigerated.

As eggs get older, the chance of finding a spoiled one will increase. They also become harder to crack open and sometimes the egg white and yolk can adhere to the inside of the shell. Nevertheless, they are still good to use.

If you find an air pocket inside the shell that is the size of a dime, then the egg is likely one month old. When it becomes the size of a teaspoon, the egg is likely 4 to 6 months old.

If you're going to store eggs for a long period, use foam egg cartons as the cardboard egg cartons tend to wick away moisture from the egg and this creates a large air pocket inside the shell.


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If properly refridgerated eggs have a shelf life of about 10 weeks.

For best shelf life and for food safety concerns, eggs should not be kept at room temperature. They should be refrigerated.

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