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The shortest and fastest highway route from New York City to Miami, Florida will be along Interstate 95 South all the way. The approximate distance from New York City to Miami along I-95 is 1,276-miles.


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I95 is the shortest route from NY to Maryland.

Depends on the route you take: Shortest Route CPT to New York via Dakar: about 24 hours CPT to New york via London : 32 hours

Just take the thruway EAST on I-90 and, eventually, SOUTH on I-87 to New York.

The route with the shortest driving time is about 220 miles.

Depends on the type of train. Amtrak shortest trip is 27 hrs 40 mins.

70 kilometres taking this route:Take HIGHWAY 400 SOUTH to HIGHWAY 401 at EXIT 17 in North York, TORONTO.Follow signs to HIGHWAY 401 EAST; take HIGHWAY 401 EAST to Whitby.

Using the shortest route from the state of New York to Kentucky, one would pass through Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

New York (the city) is in New York (the state). New York (the state) is not in Miami (a city). Miami (the city) is in Florida (a state).

No. Both New york and Miami are in the Eastern time zone.

Depending on the actual destination in Cape Cod and the route taken anywhere from 900 to 1060 miles The fastest route is about 100 miles longer and avoids New York City,- The shortest route goes right though New York City (GW Bridge/Cross Bronx Expressway) and can take up to two hours longer

The Long Island Expressway, also known as Interstate 495 (New York) is an auxiliary highway (or motorway) that extends from Long Island, New York to County Route 58 in Riverhead, Suffolk County.

New York City is bigger than Miami in both area and population.

125 miles taking this route:Take HIGHWAY 416 SOUTH/SUD to HIGHWAY 401 WEST/OUEST to KINGSTON.Take HIGHWAY 401 WEST/OUEST to HIGHWAY 137 to HILL ISLAND, ONTARIO.HIGHWAY 137 will take you down to the U.S.A. Once you have crossed the border, continue on I-81 SOUTH. Take I-81 SOUTH to Watertown.

From the south side of Central Park in NYC to "Five Points" in the center of downtown Atlanta is approximately 868 miles by the quickest road route; or approximately 847 miles by the shortest distance road route.

It is 6pm on the day before (depending on local saving time differences). Remember that Sydney is on the other side of the International Date Line relative to New York City, via the shortest route between them.

194 miles taking this route:Go across to HIGHWAY 416; follow signs to HIGHWAY 416 SOUTH.Take HIGHWAY 416 SOUTH to HIGHWAY 401 WEST to KINGSTON.Take HIGHWAY 401 WEST to I-81 via the BRIDGE TO U.S.A. at EXIT 661.Cross the THOUSAND ISLANDS BRIDGE (toll) into NEW YORK, U.S.A.From there, continue on I-81 SOUTH to SYRACUSE.

There are 1,674miles of highways in New York.

This did not answer my question wot is the flying route from cornwall to New York is it over Scotland The flying route from Cornwall to New York when using airlines like the Virgin Atlantic.

Hell's Highway The True Story of Highway Safety Films - 2003 was released on: USA: 27 June 2003 (New York City, New York)

i think both but Miami has more Hispanics which is cool and more cute places thhat New York

There are two trains between New York and Miami. The Silver Star leaves Penn St. in NY at 10:52 am and arrives in Miami at 6:05 pm the next day. The return trip leaves Miami at 11:50 am and arrives in NY at 7:16 pm the next day. The Silver Meteor is faster since it takes a more direct route through North and South Carolina. It leaves NY at 3:15 pm and arrives at Miami at 6:55 pm the next day. The return trip leaves Miami at 8:40 am and arrives in New York at 11:38 am the next day.

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