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What is the sign of having a baby boy without going to the doctor?

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The majority of what you hear are myths. They are untrue. The only thing that determines sexual orientation in an unborn baby it the chromosomes that the male carries in his sperm. Well although some people think the signs are MYTHS, they aren't A boy you carry lower and the heart-rate is usually in the 150 area and a girl the exact opposite higher,170 area. Trust and believe this is true because I had a baby boy and I carried low... At first I can say I thought he was gonna be a girl because his heart-rate was 172 but it lowered on my next visit to 154:)

2009-01-16 15:29:38
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What is the sign of having a baby girl without going to the doctor?

your belly will get really big

How do you know when you are going to my baby without going to the doctor?

You don't. You NEED to see a doctor.

When is it not a good time to take vinegar?

when your head hurts.when you are drinking. you should take it when you are going to the Doctor or when you are having a baby.

What should you do if you were just told that you are having a baby but pregnancy tests say negative?

If a crazy street person told you you were having a baby, believe the tests. If a doctor told you you were having a baby, believe the doctor.

What does not having a period mean?

go to the doctor you may be having a baby.

Is keke palmer going to have a baby?

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What does having a baby out of whitlock mean?

It is actually having a baby out of wedlock which basically means that you are having a baby without being married.

Are you having a baby?

Ask a doctor if you think you are pregnant.

Is zac and venessa going to have a baby?

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How do you know if you are going to have a boy or girl?

you dont unless you have ultrasound.There are different ways to tell, but all of them have to be performed by a doctor. As there are no means in an everyday household to predict the sex of a baby, your way of knowing whether you are going to have a boy or a girl is going to the doctor and having him check.

Are you able to tell how pregnant you are by symptoms without going to the doctor yet?

Give your child a chance at life...Go see a doctor. No you can not tell how far you are or if the baby is healthy.From: somebodies father.

How do you make sure your baby will be a girl?

Ask the doctor to see if the baby is going to be a girl

How did i tell my boyfriend I'm having a baby?

you have to just be like baby I'm going to have a baby you are going to be a daddy unless it's not his if it is not his then you tell the daddy of the baby

How do you no wHen your having a girl?

You know when you have a baby girl your stomach is smaller than when you have a boy. Also its possible to know by the first month by going to the doctor, but the answer might not be accurate.

You are having a baby how do you know if its a boy or girl?

go to the doctor and get an ultrasound, then the doctor can tell you if its a boy or a girl

Can you tell whether a baby is a boy or girl without a doctor?


Is zac and Vanessa are going to have a baby?

no they are not having a baby yet maybe much l8r

What is pink going to call her baby?

Pink wanted to have a baby boy and name him Jameson but doctor has recently told her it is probably going to be a girl.

Is danii monogue having a baby?

yes! danii is having a baby later this year so she is not going to be in x factor this year

What can help to not have a baby once you are pregnant?

Having an abortion is something you will need a doctor for.

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Can you go to the doctor on Sims 3?

Yes, you can! There is a hospital on the Sims 3. Your sim can only go there to "become a partner", when having a baby, or when the Sim's spouse is having a baby.

Can you have a baby while having herpes?

Yes you can still have a baby if you have herpes. You will work with your doctor to determine the best method of delivery.

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Lily Allen was going to have a baby boy but unfotunetly he died.

Is it hard to carry a baby after having part of your cervix removed from displasia?

Ask the doctor