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Start going out on dates every weekend and rekindle the romance. Do something different, anything! No more movies, do things where you can talk. Try counceling to make this marraige stronger, it will take work. It takes work every day to make a marraige strong, letting something sit idle is going to lead to trouble. You are either moving forward or backward. Signs he doesn't care: He doesn't argue anymore (no fight left in him and he doesn't care enough about something to fight it out), he looks through you and just agrees with whatever you want. There is more bitterness and negativity than there is positive energy in your relationship. Signs he wants another woman: he is spending time with her or talks about her as a "friend" alot.

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Q: What is the sign that your spouse doesn't care for you anymore and how do you know if he wants another woman and what are the symptoms and what can you do about it?
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