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What is the significance of Jesus to the Catholic religion?

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First of all, Catholics are a denomination of the Christian

religion, thus they are not their own "religion." Jesus is

extremely significant to the Christian religion. Christians believe

God promised the early Jews to send His son to save man from sin.

The early Jews had to sacrifice animals to cleanse them of their

sins, but Jesus was to be the ultimate sacrifice, and through Him

everyone could be saved and everyone could be reinstated to be

within a "state of grace" with God, which was lost with the first

sin committed by Eve (when she disobeyed God's word and ate the

forbiddeden Fruit.

Jesus is the base of catechism, though no one knows if he meant

to make a whole new religion, or just improve his own.

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Jesus sent by the Father started the Catholic Church. The Father

sent the Son to make it possible for us to obtain eternal life with


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