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What is the significance of the colors on a nautical star?


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I have heard that for sailor the colors represent port and starboard, Port is left and starboard is right. So a green star would be starboard and on the right, and a red star would be port and on the left. if you are returning home. I dont know what present colors mean but i know the colors for sailing and that sailors used the nautical star as a tattoo for guidance


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nautical star or dragon! nautical star or dragon!

The nautical star does not symbolize anything in Christianity.

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

Nautical stars have meanings for two colors: green and red. Red symbolizes "port" or left if you are facing the bow of a ship, and green symbolizes "starboard" or right. The basic meaning of a nautical star is to guide a Sailor home and not lose direction. Classic Navy tattoo.

Usually a blue nautical star was used for butch lesbians.

in tng red = command yellow = security turquoise = science/medical

check out this site... it shows you how to draw a nautical star. hope this helps someone. http://www.dragoart.com/how-to-draw-a-nautical-star-t288-1.htm go die in a hole

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

The nautical star tattoo ranks among the oldest and most symbolic of tattoo designs. Images of the nautical star can be found in a large number of places such as the Lyricwriter and TattooMeNow.

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The Nautical Star on the left wrist aligned with the thumb is believed to be a positive guide for the future. The left palm is used in palm readings to reveal a persons future and the nautical star is used in this instance to guide the palm.

The Lilithian star is a type of tattoo that is sometimes referred to as a Nautical star. The colors on a Lilithian star are red and black - the red representing a warrior spirit and sexual being of the Lilithian woman and the black representing scholarly pursuits in theology, intellectual arts, and leadership.

Any tattoo parlor should be able to tattoo a nautical star. Use your phonebook or the internet to find one near you.

The Nautical Star dates to Babylonian times, and has never been a symbol of homosexuality. Further Information: The Nautical Star is an obsolete term for the 32-point compass rose. While most people are familiar with a 4-point or 8-point compass rose that show the primary (or secondary in the case of 8), the "nautical star" had 32 points that give it the shape of a star.

Sailors have used nautical stars for symbols of guidance and protection for many years. A nautical star that is black and aqua in color is a symbol for the loyalty and love that sailors have for the sea.

A star used to navigate a ship. You locate the star, locate that star on a navagation chart, and bada-bing, you know where you're at! The North Star is the most common "nautical star". YOU NEED TWO STARS TO GET A CELLESTIAL BEARING, NOT JUST ONE.

No it represents a direction.

It takes around one to two hours to get a nautical star tattoo. The exact length of time depends on how big the tattoo is.

they give skittles more taste, and colors where invented in the 1950s

Each star is 2000 nautical miles traveled at sea......former USN and USCG

The emo star is actual a nautical star. The nautical star is usually seen as a tattoo representing membership in the US Navy or Marine Corp. The symbol represents the five pointed star of the US flag and the red/black color pattern represents the compass rose found on old nautical maps. I do not understand why emo's get the tattoo or what it means to them.

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